6 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy When You Have a Busy Schedule

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The high demands in workplaces and the need to earn money results in people spending many hours in the office leaving them with limited time for themselves.

The daily grind is draining and can lead to a poor lifestyle that can affect your health if you don’t keep it in check. Here are some tactics to help you in staying fit and healthy when you have a busy schedule.

You're a Mom and Entrepreneur -you're super, uber busy.  We get it.  Just don't be so busy you neglect yourself. #WaystoStayFitandHealthyWhenYouHaveaBusySchedule  #FitHealthyBusy1. Eat healthy snacks and organics

It is easy to grab snacks from vending machines when you feel hungry at work. Most of the snacks sold by local vendors have artificial colours, sweeteners and flavours making them very unhealthy.

Practice carrying healthy snacks like mixed nuts, guacamole with red bell peppers, yoghurt, mixed berries, apples, dark chocolate, almonds, and kale chips. Snacking every few hours reduces your urge for junk food.

Organic foods have nutrients such as antioxidants which are highly beneficial to your health. Try to incorporate foods like cucumbers, celery, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, grapes, green vegetables, peaches, mushrooms and sweet corn in your daily meals and in the snacks that you carry to work.

However, avoid consuming organic baked foods and desserts as they have high amounts of sugar, fat, calories and salt in them.

2. Get your groceries delivered

Going to the grocery store or the supermarket to buy everything you need to cook at home may consume a lot of time. You can create an account with online shopping apps which allow you to choose a store that you like, and the list of items you need and have them delivered to you at home or in the office.

Online shopping allows you to compare the quality of products and the prices, saving you money and guaranteeing you the best foods for your health and fitness goals.

Some online services prepare meals and deliver them to your address for your convenience. Other services deliver the ingredients and recipes required to make preset meals.

This allows you to choose a different meal every day which is freshly prepared, leading a healthy life. It also minimizes the chances of opting for fast foods and eating out for lack of an idea of what to make when you get home.

3. Get plenty of exercise

Exercising is crucial if you desire to stay healthy. With your busy schedule and deadlines to hit, you may have very little time left to have a workout session. However, you can incorporate exercise in your program by making commutes to and from work if your workplace is only a few miles away.

Consider buying a bike to ride to work or the grocery stores, walk or jog whenever possible. Extra movement help you lose weight as well as increase productivity and focus. You can also take breaks during working hours to walk and stretch.

Consider using the stairs as opposed to elevators or park your car a distance away from your destination to add some walking distance.

Using fitness trackers to track your activity, workouts and sleep duration helps you to evaluate your progress and how much effort you need to add to achieve your goal. You can record how your sleep patterns and activity affect your health, and hence you can change into a better and comfortable routine.

You should wear your fitness tracker everywhere you go. If you wear a suit for work and have a fancy watch, consider swapping it for a fitness tracker. There are plenty of custom straps you can buy for your fitness tracker from the like of Mobile Mob to make it look smart and blend in with whatever outfit you are wearing so there’s no excuse for not wearing it.

4. Stay hydrated

Drink water when you wake up in the morning and make it your companion throughout the day.

Staying hydrated aids in

  • digestion
  • transportation of nutrients
  • regulation of body temperature and
  • excretion of waste food and chemicals from the body.

You need to frequently replace the water that is used up in all the body processes.

Drinking a lot of water will help you avoid sugary beverages and soda which adds more calories. Dehydration also reduces focus and makes you unproductive.

5. Get plenty of sleep

Adults require roughly eight hours of sleep every day. You need to set a bedtime and stick to it, as getting enough sleep reduces your stress levels which prompt improved decision making, patience and your ability to deliver at work.

Rests also help to freshen your mind and body by stabilizing your brain, tissue, and muscles which in turn maintains physical, emotional and mental health.

6. Make the best use of your time

Time management is also critical if you want to make a fruitful effort to stay healthy. Learn to maximize your time and stay active. Avoid wasting time watching shows online while you should be having in a quick, intense workout before getting back to your business.

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