Want To Go Back To Work? These Options Can Pave The Way

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Go Back To Work?

When you’re a mama, going on maternity leave and giving up work for a while is natural. After all, you have this tiny little baby that needs you. And that you want to give your all too. Even if you’re the most career driven woman you know, you may want to walk away from work for a while.

But then, you may get the itch. When your baby is growing or even a few years old, you may decide that you want to go back to work. Because sometimes you don’t always return when the maternity leave is up – or even intend to.

But when you miss working and you want to go back to work, you should also consider the options you have. From becoming a Mompreneur to doing something on the side, here’s what you can do.

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First of all, you might want to consider working from home. For this, you could look to join a freelancing website, like Elance or Taskrabbit, where you can advertise your skills or services and book work. This will allow you to work in your own time, while still being at home with the kids.


Your next option would be to study. Maybe you want to move into a new field that you know you need to be more qualified for? Or maybe things have changed since you were last in the working world and you’d like to be able to freshen up your knowledge before applying?

Think about studies like an online accounting MBA or another online degree. Then see if this can give you the start you’re hoping for.

Get Some Experience

Then, you may even need to get some experience too. Again, if you are hoping to move into a new field or it’s been a long time since you last worked, then maybe you need to work for free or get an internship or even volunteer your time a few hours per week to get you started.

Find A Great Deal

If you know that you want to go back to work doing the same kind of job that you did before you were pregnant, then maybe you’d even like to return to work part time?

When this is the case, you’re going to want to think about negotiating a good deal with the company you worked at, r even a new company. It’s important that you’re both happy, but that you also get the kind of hours you want to suit your new lifestyle as a working mom.

Launch Your Own Thing

But then finally, you do also have the option to do your own thing. Maybe you want to work from home and become that Mompreneur? Maybe you have a business or product or service idea? When this is the case, why not just go for it? What are you waiting for? As you’re already at home with the kids, sneak a few hours here and there and get started. Because you’ll never know where this might take you.

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