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Lauren Kinghorn Inspiring MompreneursHello! Welcome!

And Thank you for visiting Inspiring Mompreneurs.

A little about me, Lauren Kinghorn

I work from home in our little corner of paradise, beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

I’m happily married and blessed to have a lovely bonus daughter who’s now 17 and a lively son, who is 7-years-old.

I’ve had a few great jobs in my life, but found I always gravitated towards having my own business because I have the heart of an entrepreneur.

My biggest struggle has been moving from solopreneur to entrepreneur – hiring a team.  Sound familiar?

In my 20’s

Inspiring Mompreneurs Testimonial Casey BunnI ran a successful massage therapy practice for about 10 years…until I burnt out because I was working such long hours.

I learned

  • how to listen to my clients.
  • how to make people feel really good about themselves.
  • that you’ll never make millions being paid by the hour (and it’s exhausting to try)

In my 30’s

I was into network marketing and sales (mostly nutritional supplements) and I did a bit of freelance journalism.

I learned

      • how to leverage my time and money.
      • there’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme – if it looks too good to be true, it generally is.
      • how to find great leaders and bring out their awesomeness

Now I’m 40 something

Inspiring Mompreneurs Testimonial Melanie Hurley of Piggy PaintAnd I’m thriving as a Mom and a Digital Entrepreneur.   I’ve created 3 niche websites and I’m busy with a 4th one at the moment.

Related:  Learn how I got started online here.

I’ve finally found a solution to my solopreneur struggle. Instead of hiring a team of full-time staff, I send out tasks to freelancers, amazing Moms I trust, who also work from home.

One constant in my life is that I’ve always surrounded myself with lots of girlfriends.


I’m an out-and-out extrovert, super friendly and when I meet you, I turn the conversation to deeper stuff as soon as I can.

I want to know how I can help you, what I can contribute that will make your life better or happier or fuller.

And I bring that energy to this website and to the interviews I do with Mompreneurs.

Meet Elize Swanepoel, our AMAZING Managing Director!!

What I do really well

  • Make you and your brand SHINE.
  • I see the positives in people and help them see it too.
  • I’m great at promoting people, especially those with amazing causes.
  • If you have a great mission and vision, I want to broadcast it.
  • If you have a message for the world, I want to spread the word.
  • If you’re Mommying while building your own business, I want to share your trials, your triumphs and your success secrets.   You can see the 40+ interviews I’ve conducted here.
  • And if I can help you by sharing some of the golden nuggets I’ve picked up along the way, fab.
  • Because I know what a mammoth task it is to balance being a Mom and an Entrepreneur.

    So that’s what Inspiring Mompreneurs is all about

Inspiring Mompreneurs Testimonial Jenn of Positive Parenting SpecializedShining the Spotlight on YOU – the brilliant, special, wonderful, marvellous, bright shining Stars you are and bringing out all your brilliance.

I. See. You.

I. Hear. You.

I. Feel. You.

I. Love. You.

I. Am. You.

Join the conversation in the comments below.

Or, join our community on LinkedIn at Mompreneurs Unite or Fempreneurs Unite.

To YOUR Success,

Lauren Kinghorn

About Lauren Kinghorn, The Founder of Inspiring Mompreneurs | mommy hero logoP.S. Want to know more about me?

Check out my interview with Melina Lewis on the I Work for Me Podcast

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8 Replies to “About Lauren Kinghorn, The Founder of Inspiring Mompreneurs”

  1. Steve Barker


    I was searching out something on Google when I encountered your post “Keeping The Work-Life Balance in Check as a Business Owner” and this actually landed me on your website inspiringmompreneurs.com. I read with great enthusiasm from which I also got enlightened on specific tips you discussed in it. I also took time to check through some other interesting articles among many on your blog. I was impressed and I had loved to be part of the great work. Really, such great articles are hard to come by.

    Steve Barker
    Content Marketing Executive

  2. Gabe

    Hey Lauren! Just wanna say that I really like your site! It’s very informative while inspiring at the same time! My girlfriend hates going to work everyday and I can tell it’s starting to take a toll on her after all these years.
    How exactly do you make money from blogging on the internet? Maybe I’ll show this to her

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Thanks Gabe. Great question.  My primary form of monetization is affiliate programs though I am considering creating my own info products as well. So far most of the money I’ve made has been on Fiverr. I’ve also made a bit from a couple of side hustles: website testing for Userlytics and missions as a Field Agent. This is the first month I’m testing advertising on my site. May publish my first income report next month. 

  3. Linda

    From one mother to another, I can understand why you joined Wealthy Affiliates. It’s a really good environment. I speak for myself. I see you have a lovely family. However, I am very cautious of writing about myself on my site. Having a four year old like yourself, I would too.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Hi Linda, I understand your hesitance. What information do you feel I should not have divulged?

  4. Hailey

    Hi Lauren!

    Nice to meet you!
    You have a beautiful family!
    I am a mother to 3 boys. Ages 9,5 and nearly 3!
    Being a working mum is hard because you miss out on so much of your kids growing up. I think working online is a brilliant idea to stay at home more!
    I love the 40 day challenge too!
    I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Awesome Hailey! 

      Wonderful to meet you too. 

      Thanks so much for your lovely response. 🙂


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