Eat Healthy At Work (It’s Easier Than You Think)

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Eat Healthy At Work (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Eating a healthy diet at home isn’t too difficult. Here, you’ve got your kitchen, as many fresh ingredients as you want, and plenty of time to cook a meal. If you’re struggling to eat healthily, then the problem tends to lie in your workplace habits.

Eating at work has long been something associated with speed rather than actual nutritional goodness. You grab the easiest and quickest thing to eat and be done with it.

As a result, your diet ends up taking hit after hit – day after day. It can feel impossible to get into good eating habits at work, but it’s actually far easier than you think.

Here are a few guidelines to help you get into some positive habits:

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A tub of fruit a day keeps the doctor away.

Bring A Tub Of Fruit With You Every Day

Be honest, how many of you genuinely eat fruit at work? I’m guessing the percentage of hands raised is close to zero.

It’s something we forget to do, mainly because there’s no fruit around us. But, I was reading an article on Moms Into Fitness that talked about different diets and it mentioned that as long as you eat whole foods with plenty of fruit and veg, you should be fine.

So, to help do this, pack a tub full of fruit every day – apples, oranges, bananas; anything you like. Then, you’ve got something to snack on throughout the day, which helps with the following tip too.

Stop Snacking On Sugary Foods

Snacking is a massive issue as we just consume so many bad foods without even realizing it. One chocolate bar turns into three, a few cookies get consumed and we often drink sugary sodas as well.

All this sugar is awful for our teeth but it can also cause a lot of fat cells to develop, meaning you gain weight. (Tell me about it).

Therefore, cut down on your sugary snacks – which is where your tub of fruit comes into play.

Also, eating a bigger breakfast and lunch will help fill you up for longer, meaning you’re less likely to get hunger cravings between meals.

Meal Prep at Home

I would say the easiest way to stick to a healthy diet is by having healthy food with you at work. If you’ve already got your lunch handy, then there’s no need to go out and buy whatever you can find during your break.

It’s useful to prepare your meals at home before going to work. If you have time in the morning, then give this a go.

Or, an excellent idea is to cook extra food at dinner, then bring the leftovers in a container for lunch the next day.

Whatever meals you prep, make sure they’re nutrient-dense and include plenty of protein, fibre and carbohydrates. This will help fill you up, keep you full, and provide much-needed energy throughout the day.

There are only three tips here, but they will go a long way to helping you eat healthy at work. It’s not impossible, and it will transform the way you look and feel.

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