Signs Social Work Is For You

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Signs That Social Work Is For You

Have I missed my calling?  Going by the list in the contributed post below, I would make a perfect candidate for social work – except perhaps that I’m not always the best judge of character. Because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and understand where they’re coming from before passing judgement. 

But enough about me, on with the contributed post.  Perhaps you’ll see why you’re perfect for the position too.

Social work is an incredibly rewarding career which places you firmly as a respected and loved person in the community. Social work involves meeting people of all ages, all backgrounds, and all situations and making their lives better.

If you want a change of pace in your life this year and you are looking for a new career path to take, here are some signs that social work is the career for you.

You are curious about people

If you love learning about people of all ages and backgrounds, and you often take the opportunity to people watch when you are out in public, a job as a social worker can be perfect for you. Working as a social worker is all about getting to know new people and being put in different situations every day. It is a job which is perfect for anyone who loves people.

You read self-help books and practice self-love

Even social workers sometimes experience social work burnout but if you are the type of person who will go out of your way to help yourself come out of a rough situation in life then work as a social worker is perfect for you.

This means that you can take the skills you have learned and teach others who to love themselves and feel confident in their own skin.

You are a good listener

During your time as a social worker, you will have to sit down with many different people and listen to them talking about their lives and their problems.

You will need to be able to recall every bit of information presented to you in a case and also be able to judge whether someone is trustworthy or not.

If you find that someone is suspicious, you can report this and very possibly save someone from a horrible fate.

You’re a good judge of character

You will be presented with many different cases throughout your time working as a social worker, and many of these cases will involve families and disputes which need to be resolved.

As a social worker, you will need to learn who to trust in a case and what decision to make for the best outcome in their lives. It can be a difficult choice to make, but if you are naturally a good judge of character you could save someone from being abused or even worse.

You are empathetic

Compassion and empathy are two traits which are instrumental in making a good social worker. If you are naturally a very understanding person.

Working as a social worker can be great because you will be able to help people solve their issues without getting stressed or agitated.

Learning how people tick and being able to play to this is part of a social worker’s job, so if you think you are great at understanding people and their motivations, you should definitely go into this job.

You love working as a team

If you enjoy a buzzing and positive working environment where you work together to solve issues, social work is a good career option.

As a social worker, you will work alongside like-minded people who will help you with your cases. You will find some great friendships and a sense of family in this job which is like no other.

You are a passionate individual

If you are an incredibly passionate person and you want to do something great with your life, working in a place like this can be amazing for you and the people you help on a day to day basis.

If you want a job that you can put your heart and soul into, social work is a job which will make you feel proud every single day.

You want to make a difference

In our lives, we all want to be someone who makes a difference in the world.  It can be as big as finding the cure for cancer, or as small as offering company to someone who needs it.

If you want to make a big difference to your local community you can work with families, troubled individuals and the vulnerable to make their lives much better and make sure that they live their lives to the absolute fullest.

In conclusion, the job as a social worker is a rewarding one and can be one of the best career moves you make in your life. If you have any of the qualities on this list, you should seriously consider getting into social work this year.

Are you considering a career in social work?  Did this list describe you too?

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