The Best Careers for Caring People

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The Best Careers for Caring People

Do you want to make a difference? It’s always been a burning desire for me and so for most of my life, I’ve chosen careers that make me feel I’m doing just that, mostly in the Health and Wellness Industry.

I was a Massage Therapist for 10 years until my own health started to suffer. I discovered a nutritional supplement (Cellfood) that turned my health around and started marketing that.  I then went on to work with nutritional supplements and my favourite part of my job was hearing the stories of people’s lives completely transformed through our products.  

I’ve always wanted to work for a Non-Profit Organisation and have volunteered for various charities over the years. This year, I was appointed the Public Officer for Physical Literacy for Children.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference, then this contributed post is for you.

The Best Jobs for Caring People

When searching for a career, there are many options that people might choose. Some people want something flexible, and with few responsibilities, others wish to the career to make a lot of money. Some, however, are looking for fulfilling caring professional roles. The type that makes a difference in their lives and the lives of others. #BestCareersCaringPeople

Typically we think of people who work in care homes, the nurses at the local hospitals and maybe even the midwife that delivered our children.

If you are looking to make a difference, then here are a few careers that you should consider.

Have you always wanted to make a difference? Here are some careers you can choose to do just that. #BestCareersCaringPeopleHigh School Teacher

It might seem like these guys have a bit of a thankless job. Dealing with angry parents, kids that don’t want to comply with the class rules… but under all of that?

High school teachers are profoundly influential to their students, a great teacher can impact a student for life. Being an educator is a bit of a privilege. And, while you might not feel like you’re the bright and bubbly type like New Girl’s Jessica Day, you might just find that your passion for specific topics shines through and passes on.

For this, you’re going to need a keen interest in a couple of areas, and a degree too.

Child and Family Social Worker

Social workers get a lot of flack for doing their job, and for sure they don’t always get it right. However, these guys are on the front line when it comes to protecting vulnerable children and families.

Child and family social workers will helping families to access the food and housing that they need, plus provide access to specialist support in other areas too. They will also be heavily involved with children who may be at risk of abuse or neglect.

Social workers need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to enter the field and can also go on to gain a master’s and specialist qualifications too.

Nurse or Nurse Midwife

While the doctors no doubt care a lot about what they do, nurses are the faces that people remember. Often the very long hours and difficult situations may be a bit of an eye-opener. However, nurses and nurse-midwives are dealing with the care of people all day every day.

Some people might argue that this would be the most caring job in the world. From delivering babies to saving lives nurses are phenomenal.

You’d need a degree in nursing and then a specialist subject if you chose to go down that route.


There are many paths that you can take as a therapist. Marriage counselling or maybe family therapy? You will play a key role in helping couples work through their issues, conflicts and help strengthen up the bonds between them.

You’ll be an incredible listener, and help create a space that will facilitate their feelings and conversations. Sometimes there will be difficult decisions to make, but you can help support them through it.

You might choose to work for health care providers, you may select governmental departments or independent. These professionals will need licenses and degrees, plus if you decide to specialize some certification in that area.

Translator and Interpreter

Interpreters and translator provide a bridge between two worlds. They foster communications between communities and/or individuals. Verbally, and in written texts.

Working in hospitals, courtrooms, companies, schools and more they enable people with language barriers to be heard. They may also keep people with hearing impairments included in what is going on around them.

For this professional, you’re going to need to be fluent in at least two languages and some sign language if you want to provide that service too. You’ll likely need a degree also.

Mental Health Counsellor

There has been a considerable rise in people seeking help for mental health issues in the last few years, which is excellent news. That does, however, mean there is a more significant need for mental health counsellors of all levels too.

People who are suffering from personality disorders, depression, grief, anxiety and maybe unhealthy relationships too will need you. You will need to assess their needs and recommend options with regards to their treatment.

You might work freelance, in a school environment, prisons, hospitals, and various other departments.

You’ll need a masters degree, a license for the state you wish to practice in and many hours of clinical experience.

Substance Abuse Counsellor

This can be a somewhat challenging position but with a lot of rewards too. You will be working with people who are in some of the most challenging situations in their lives. They’ll be suffering from a range of addictions including alcohol, drugs, gambling and more.

You might be leading group sessions or handling one-to-one counsel.

You’ll have a very hands-on approach to helping them reach their recovery goals and ensure the treatment is the right thing for them.

You’ll be helping them to implement healthy techniques to cope with everyday stress as well as their own personal triggers. Supporting them on the road to having healthy relationships and fixing personal issues that have been put under pressure from substance abuse.

For this, you’re going to need a degree, hours of supervised clinical experience and a license too.

Charity Sector

There are many careers in the charity sector that aren’t quite as education-focused. Meaning that, if you don’t have a degree right now but are looking to make a difference, then you can.

You might choose to work in a local charity space, or for a larger global charity. You should think about what charities mean something to you, and what skills you have that could be made use of. You could help out in the local stores, lobbying governments, admin or even fundraising.

No matter what you chose to do, helping a charity is a great thing to do. You’ll need a can-do attitude and a caring personality.

Putting your caring nature to good use is something the whole world can be thankful for, without it we wouldn’t have nurses, teachers, or charities at all. When you work with passion about something, you will have a rewarding career for life.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Do you want to make a difference?  Which career appeals to you?

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