Essential Recruitment Advice For Mompreneurs

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You may start your business as solopreneur, most of us do. But inevitably, there comes a day when you’re ready to start hiring employees. That’s the day you’ll need this post.

Essential Recruitment Advice For Mompreneurs

Many Mom entrepreneurs start their business with themselves as the only employees. However, when things are going well, it’s often necessary to take on additional help, whether permanently or seasonally. That is why is crucial that momtrepreneurs understand what to do when it comes to employing others, a topic you can find out more about below.

Recruiting doesn't always come naturally.  Like all aspects of a small business, hiring staff is another opportunity for an entrepreneur to upskill.  #AdviceforMompreneurs #Recruitment #HiringStaffDo get a 360 view of what’s needed.

Firstly, when it comes to making the right choices on recruitment as a momtrepreneur, you need to have a firm grasp of what your business actually needs to succeed. What this means is consulting with any others workers that are directly linked to the role, or if you are the only person working within your company, considering the broader applications of bringing another person on board.

Such consideration may include the effect on the profit margins that paying another wage will make, as well as any additional risk to your business that may be incurred due to safety issues, or even compatibility problems. After all, not everyone will get on like a house on fire in the workplace, and if it’s only the two of you, there really won’t be anywhere to hide.

Don’t forget to screen before the interviews.

Next, when it comes to recruitment, it’s essential for momtrepreneurs to spend time screening candidate before they invite them in for a face to face interview.

In fact, doing so is a much more efficient use of time, something that is at a premium for the busy momtrepreneur. This is because, you can narrow the field down to the those that are best-suited via a phone call, weeding out those that you feel won’t fulfil the carters effectively. Thus ensuring you get the best person for the role, but still, save the time and energy you will need to put into face to face meetings.

Do pick the right platform to advertise on.

Momtrepreneurs may not always have experience of recruiting people for their business, and this can cause problems when it comes to deciding where to advertise for available posts.

In fact, the cost of the advert is often the first factor that is considered. However, the price should not be the issue that decides the advertising platform. Instead, it should be the quality and specialism of the candidates that use the platform. Otherwise, you won’t be getting your role in front of the best people for the job.

To that end, try and pick sites and publications that specialize in your area of business, or use social media such as LinkedIn which is full of professional that can demonstrate their expertise instantly.Essential Recruitment Advice For Mompreneurs | VBPJ8ff6jNROfOacS 3hW

Don’t overwork the job description.

Next, when it comes to actually writing the job descriptions that will attract the right person for your business, momtrepreneurs need to remember that overworking is a bad idea. This is because clarity and brevity are actually crucial to constructing a compelling job description.

Yes, the essential details need to be there, but you don’t want potential candidates to get bored wading through masses of detail just to find out what is actually expected of them in the role.

Don’t hand over total control.

While it can be tempting for overworked momtrepreneurs to hand off the entire responsibility for recruitment to an agency, this isn’t always the best approach.

This reason for this is because no one has as strong an interest in picking the right person for the job as you. Yes, the process can use a lot of your precious time, but by choosing the right employees for the role, you will hopefully be able to delegate and gain back time over the longer term.

Do spend time onboarding.

Last of all, a crucial element of the recruitment process in onboarding and inducting new employees into your business. This is a time where they should be allowed to feel their feet, and get a handle on what is expected on them regarding the role, and the work culture as well.

Of course, this means that even as a momtrepreneur you need to make an effort to spend time with the new person and carefully lay out your expectations.

You also need to be prepared to teach them any skills or how to use systems that they haven’t come across before because this can help them get up and running much more quickly, and be happier in their job.

Something that can positively affect the running of your business and ensure that you don’t lose the person you have put all of that time and effort into recruiting. After all, busy momtrepreneurs certainly don’t want to have to go through the whole process, again, just because they did not dedicate enough time to the last element.

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