Business Productivity: Hot Tech Tips For Mompreneurs

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Business Productivity: Hot Tech Tips For Mompreneurs

Is technology serving you or slowing you down? As a Mompreneur, you know that making the most out of every hour is critical if you want to achieve success.

You need to be extremely mobile, moving from task to task, while trying to squeeze some child care, meal preparation and the school run in between.

Time is already at a premium, and the last thing you need is to waste it by using unnecessary, slow, or unmanageable technology. Here are some technology tips to help you speed up your processes.

Offload and outsource

Did you know there's an app that turns off all distractions on your phone? I did not, until now. Find this hot tech tip & more time-savers in this post. #BusinessProductivity #HotTechTipsFirst and foremost, are you finding yourself spending more time fixing and updating your IT and computer systems than actually working? If so, you should consider offloading this massive time drain and handing it over to an external IT company.

As pointed out, over at IT Total Care Inc., all small business owners should be looking for partners who have expertise, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Not only will you save time for more tasks with outsourcing, but you will give yourself the chance to earn more money.

Savvy apps

  • Apps like Evernote can help you organize and arrange virtually everything from tax receipts to scanned documents and web pages to inspirational articles and resources.
  • Cloud-based storage applications like Box are great for efficiency, too, and allow you to access your documents from virtually any device – smartphone, tablet or desktop – so you can work on the move as and when you need to.
  • Google Docs is essential, too, as it gives you the chance to share content and collaborate with clients in a focused, instant workspace.

Block distractions

Tired of emails, Facebook notifications, and all kinds of other alerts ruining your flow? If so, you are in very good company. The good news is that there are a lot of clever applications out there that can help you with blocking those distractions out.

  • Self Control is one of the best and most popular options out there and allows you to turn off almost every distraction you can imagine.
  • If you find yourself checking Twitter every five minutes, try something like Anti-Social.

Networked Storage

As a business owner, you probably own a few different devices something like a combination of tablet, PC and smartphone – and maybe even more. These tools are great for keeping you productive either in the office or on-the-go, but make sure they are synced across a single network. This way, you can easily access your content from any of your devices without the need to transfer data on a USB cord or stick.

Technology should be able to provide us with more time in the day to get important work done. But the reality for many tech products is that they can often work in the opposite way.

Hopefully, these ideas, hints and tips will help you use your tech for the better, and get more out of your working time than you did previously.

Do you have any technology productivity tips? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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4 Replies to “Business Productivity: Hot Tech Tips For Mompreneurs”

  1. Jag

    I would say the best tips here is having self-control. I also think being self-disciplined is really important when starting an online business.Distractions while doing a home-based business out of your home are the greatest hindrance to achieving success online. What I find which works for me is I set a timer for one hour to work uninterrupted. This means I turn off all external gadgets which may interrupt my working time. But I will take a 10 minute break after one hour as this breaks up the monotony of working constantly.Anti-social seems like a great little investment to stop distractions. I will look into this a little bit further.Thank you for sharing this info.

  2. Alejandra

    Hi Lauren,

    You read my mind, since I started to write my blog, I have a long To Do list with notes here and there about many things I need to take care of and the list is a never ending list.

    I was needing to find a way to get more organized and keep everything simpler, I’m sure after reading your article, I will be using some of the apps you recommend here and everything will get easier for me.

    I didn’t know I could get all the different devices I work with connected, I will try network storage. I’m sure it will make things easier when I travel.

    Thanks so much for sharing great information. 



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