Tips On Creating an Organised and Productive Home Office

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Best Home Office Ideas

Are you feeling downhearted and uninspired every time you walk into your home office?  That’s never going to be good for your work output.  Regular Guest Poster, Helen Martin is back with some of the best home office ideas around to help lift your spirits so you can get cracking on that mountain of work you’ve got lined up.

Tips On Creating an Organised and Productive Home Office

By Helen Martin of Mountain Lion Design

Your home office setup can affect your mood and your productivity. A cluttered desk clutters the mind, and a messy home office can block your mind from thinking up new ideas. Plus an office littered with old piles of papers, boxes and food cartons can be a magnet for critters, as any office pest control contracts company will tell you.

Today we’re going to look at how you can improve the organisation of your home office. This, in turn, will help you to be more productive, keeps your working mood positive and maintains that focus needed to produce top-quality work.

Having an organised office boosts productivity. Here are some of the best home office ideas to implement c/o Helen Martin. Read more at #besthomeofficeideas #guestpostKeep Your Personal Life Separate From Work

Blending work and pleasure is never a good idea. But even with the firmest of intentions, you will probably find that the boundaries get blurred because your office is in your home.

Take a look at your home office from time to time to see how much of your workspace has been infested with distractions. Clear away TV’s, games consoles and other forms of distractions. Remember anything could be a distraction, so make sure everything is taken care of and nothing stands in your way.

Maintain the boundary in your home where work begins and ends. Your workspace should be different from the other rooms as much as possible. Exaggerating this differentiation has a psychological effect on how you divide work and play.

Great Supportive Seating

Does your desk chair give you the support you need? You might not think comfort is that important to your productivity because we never really have time to enjoy our chairs when we have a tonne of work to do.

This happens to be the precise reason you should take a look at your seating support – because you spend most of your time sitting in your chair when you’re working. When you don’t pay attention to your back, that innocuous desk chair can take a toll on your health, mood and your work productivity.

Get Some Better Lighting

We often neglect the lighting in our workspace.

If a desk lamp is too bright or too dim, it affects your productivity.

You also need a sufficient amount of natural lighting. We often feel more lethargic in the winter months because there’s less sunlight. Having sunlight on your skin improves your mood, and artificial lighting can also have the same effect in the workspace.

Why not experiment with different intensities and light tones to see which one works best for you?  Depending on how big your space is, you might be able to have multiple lights to set a comfortable mood for working.

Simplify Your Work Processes

Have you overcomplicated your home office and work processes so that even the basics become overwhelming? If so, it’s time to take it back to the basics.

The key to an organised office is efficiency. The more stuff you have around you, the harder it will be to keep everything in order.

Keep things clean and minimal. This isn’t just for your workspace but for your computer as well. It’s a general rule to keep the desktop as clear as possible.

Maintaining organisation and a clean desk will keep your mind from wandering onto other things easily. You’ll feel less stressed and less distracted from your work.

An Organised Office Boosts Productivity

Incorporate A Personal Touch For Inspiration

There has to be some leeway in your workspace for that personal touch. This helps to inspire you, otherwise, you are working in a sterile office environment.

The purpose of having these items if to help you sustain a positive mood and energy to work on your tasks.

Personal touches can include anything, like plants and photographs.

If you dread working from your home office, ask yourself if there’s anything that would inspire you to enjoy it more. It could be a photo of the family, your favourite art piece or the sight of your favourite colour.

Having a certain style and theme for your home office that you identify with makes sure you have a pleasant atmosphere to work in.

An organised and productive home office takes a lot of experimentation before you can get it right. Balance it along with your budget and try out different processes and designs to create the perfect home office. It’s a time-consuming process, but evolving your office can really boost your work ethic and leads to more success in the long term.

Are you ready to start implementing Helen’s best home office ideas?

About the Author:

Helen Martin runs a small, friendly, creative company offering web design, graphics and SEO services, heading up the dedicated, enthusiastic team at Mountain Lion Design. Her complete and utter passion for both her work and her clients’ projects is the driving force behind the success of her team.

You can find Helen Martin on Facebook and LinkedIn. LinkedIn Helen MartinFacebook Mountain Lion Design



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