How a Virtual Receptionist Can Help Your Business Outside of Regular Office Hours

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Virtual Receptionist

Have you ever thought of becoming a Virtual Receptionist? It’s a brilliant way for a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) to transition into a Work at Home Mom (WAHM)… as long as you can work while your children are at School.  Because, the moment your children see you on the phone, they want your attention, right?  Which also explains why a busy Mompreneur will hire a Virtual Receptionist.  And here are a few more reasons.

How a Virtual Receptionist Can Help Your Business Outside of Regular Office Hours

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The world of business has changed dramatically in the past decade, with the Internet providing a platform for global commerce and this means many companies could receive sales enquiry calls at any time.

A person in China, for example, won’t be concerned about the office opening hours in Sydney and should they wish to order, they expect someone to answer their call whatever the time of day or night.

Manning the phones outside of business hours has now become a necessity and the most cost-effective way to professionally handle calls during closing periods is to enlist the services of a virtual receptionist provider.

Ever Thought of Hiring a Virtual Receptionist? Or becoming one? Here's How a Virtual Receptionist Can Help your Business. Post Published in Partnership with Mediabuzzer. #virtualreceptionistLost Business Opportunities

The truth is, if your phone lines are not manned 24/7, you have no idea how much potential business you have missed. If a potential customer calls and no one picks up, they simply move on to the next provider on their list and you would be none the wiser.

In order to avoid such situations, you should talk to a virtual reception provider, who can tailor their services to suit your needs. You might only need phone cover for a few hours a day and this can easily be arranged by talking to a provider and it won’t cost as much as you think.

Global E-commerce

The days of localised business are far behind us and any online business could have customers from all parts of the world and time zones should not affect your business.

Whatever the time in your location, people might call you at any time and having the phone professionally answered ensures that no sales enquiry is ever missed.

We never know when that big order might come along and if you are not prepared to respond to enquiries at all hours, you are potentially at risk of missing out.

How Does a Virtual Receptionist Service Work?

Once you have forged an alliance with an established virtual receptionist provider, everything is automatic.

  • Every single call is instantly forwarded to the call centre, where a professional receptionist answers on your behalf.
  • They even use your very own script for all calls and are fully briefed on all aspects of your business, enabling them to answer any questions the caller might have.
  • The caller would have no idea the receptionist is not actually in your office, so your business image is intact and any messages would be instantly forwarded to the number of your choice, using your preferred method. This means you are able to receive a call on your business line while sitting on Bondi Beach, and it is this round-the-clock connectivity that ensures you will not miss any opportunities.   WOW!

Unless you have 24-hour call handling already, talking to a virtual receptionist service provider could lead to an increase in sales and with every single call professionally handled, your business image couldn’t be better!

This article is published in partnership with Mediabuzzer.

Are you ready to employ a Virtual Receptionist? Or does the idea of becoming one yourself appeal to you?

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