5 Reasons Why Moms Need Exercise

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In today’s post we will be sharing 5 reasons why moms need exercise and how it can benefit them. As a Mom and a business owner, you’re probably used to putting everyone else first, and Mom-guilt can be a real issue. It’s ok to put yourself first sometimes, not only for your own health and wellbeing but also to make sure you can do both of your important jobs to the best of your ability. Check out just a few reasons why Moms (and especially Mompreneurs) need to exercise and take care of themselves.

5 Reasons Why Moms Need Exercise

why-moms-need-exercise1. More Patience

If you are someone who often keeps things in and is often stressed, you’re far more likely to lose your temper with your kids, your colleagues and your spouse.

Exercising on a regular basis can be a really effective way to let out some of that pent up stress and irritation.

You can release your aggression in an intentional, healthy way, such as tkaing a kickboxing class or dancing out your stress to your favorite happy tunes.

Being less stressed and you less likely to shout at your kids is better for the whole family, and being more patient will also help you to be present. You will be better able to enjoy your time with your kids and enjoy the time that you can spend together.

2. Show Your Children How To Look After Themselves

Many parents notice that their children love to do the things that they see you doing. Kids are always learning from their parents and absorbing a lot of things from their environment.

Model healthy behavior for your kids, so they can see that it matters to look after yourself properly and do things that make you feel good. Whether they see you using the 10 Best Pull Exercises for Muscle & Strength to develop functional fitness for playing with them or see you using yoga to unwind after a hard day, you are showing them how to be responsible for taking care of themselves and that what makes them feel good matters.

When kids see their moms taking care of their own needs, they learn an important lesson. You’re also showing your children how to have an active lifestyle, which will benefit them for a long time to come.

3. Help Postpartum Blues

Although it can be hard for mothers to talk about, most new parents have been there at some point and had some experience with the baby blues. Feeling this way is something to learn about and understand, rather than feel ashamed of. It’s out of your control, and a lot more common than many moms think.

Exercise can be an effective antidepressant for women and can ease depression. When you’re struggling, try a walk outside a few times a day in ten-minute bursts to get some fresh air and some of your steps in. While you’re outside, take some deep breaths. When you feel up to it, you can do some more active exercise, but a walk is plenty to get started.

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4. Keep Up With Your Kids

When you had your children, you probably pictured yourself enjoying life with them for many years to come. As a family, you want to be able to enjoy things like fin afternoons in the park, bike rides, ball games in the garden, and other fun. If you can be more active on a regular basis, working out on your own when you need to, you will be better equipped to keep up with your kids and join in on the fun.

5. Improved Sleep Quality

All mothers know about sleep deprivation. Whether you’re being woken by a crying baby, or lying awake waiting for your teenager to come home, getting enough sleep is tough for parents. Prioritizing your sleep will let you feel better overall and be more patient with your kids. Moderate aerobic exercise, such as a light jog or a bike ride, will help you to get better, deeper sleep, so your brain and body can have a chance to properly rejuvenate.

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If You Don’t Feel Ready

If you don’t feel quite ready to commit to an exercise routine, especially if you have only recently given birth, take it easy on yourself before you leap back into the workout routine you had before.

If something doesn’t feel right when you start, make an appointment to see your doctor to get cleared for exercise before you throw yourself back in. You might need more time than you thought to heal, so make sure you listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Don’t force yourself to do too much before you’re ready, and never compare yourself to others.


We hope you have enjoyed our post about 5 reasons why mom need exercise and that it has inspired you make a few healthy lifestyle changes. Just remember to take it easy and be patient with yourself. Start slowly and gradually adjust your exercise routine.

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