How To Build A Career That Actually Makes You Happy

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So, how do you build a career that actually makes you happy? After all, most of our time is spent at work. The term success can take many definitions, especially when focusing on your career. However, most people will agree that happiness is a key ingredient in the recipe. After all, we spend far too many hours and far too many years in our jobs to not have this.

Some people are fortunate enough to naturally find their best career path. However, most people must make a conscious effort to make this happen. Here are six simple steps that will provide the desired results.

How To Build a Career That Actually Makes You Happy

build a career1. Find Your Passion

A lot of people try to force their way into a job and industry that they think can yield big earnings. In reality, though, most people are better suited to working on what they love. That passion will lead to engagement, which should result in a quicker rise up the career ladder.

In recent years, a growing number of people have turned hobbies into careers. Many will start out as part-time business owners or workers while managing a job to fill the other hours. Knowing that you are on the right path can make slow progress feel better.

Crucially, working on something you love allows you to get through tough times. The idea that you’ll never work a day in your life is inaccurate, but your mindset will be far better.

2. Show Ambition

While a rewarding job will make you happier in daily life, you also need long-term progress. As humans, we naturally want to grow and evolve. Stagnation can kill your satisfaction levels, especially if your earnings don’t improve beyond the rate of inflation.

Even the most talented worker won’t achieve greatness if they fail to show ambition. Give yourself the best shot at unlocking your potential by preparing for your HBS MBA interview. Developing new skills and a qualification from a prestigious institution will unlock new doors.

Above all else, the fact that you are willing to keep pushing for greater results won’t go unnoticed. Employers, employees, and clients will see this as a positive.

3. Build Working Relationships

The people you work with might not become your pals out of the workplace. Even so, you spend too many hours with them to feel awkward or share a disdain for each other. Conversely, positive human interactions will improve your daily activities.

There are many ways to maintain stronger business relationships. Investing in digital communication and collaboration helps. Crucially, senior staff should offer to mentor and guide junior staff while avoiding any sense of inequality.

If possible, striking up a bond over a love of sports or desire to go green can work wonders. Of course, if any form of workplace bullying occurs, you should fight it ASAP.

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4. Make a Difference

Building on the idea of going green, it always helps when you can make a difference. Whether you are an employer or an employee, you can inspire change by making other workers aware of the damage caused. Eco-friendly activities will aid the brand too.

More importantly, it removes any sense of guilt. With this in mind, you may also want to think about a job role that changes lives. Working with children, disabled people or communities that need support is a great thing. It gives your career a sense of purpose and direction.

Whether changing the world or just your little corner of it doesn’t matter. There is no greater satisfaction than the feeling of doing something good.

5. Get Your Finances Under Control

As already mentioned, your earnings are an important issue that can’t be overlooked. Whether you’re a worker or business owner, finding an accountant to do your taxes will work wonders. It can prevent you from losing money from not knowing your deductions.

However, you also need to think about ways to make money work harder in day-to-day life. For entrepreneurs, preparing to haggle with suppliers can be very useful. For normal workers, calculated financial choices can include whether to lease your work car instead.

Likewise, losing the daily coffee trip can save cash. Boosting your resume and working your way to increased earnings is great. But to see the full benefits, you must stop wasting.

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6. Achieve Balance

Finally, you must remember that a great career is only one aspect of your life. So, why it is vital that you create a positive situation, you must not allow it to stand in the way of other goals. Otherwise, the disappointment in other areas will harm your career too.

As with all parts of life, it’s about establishing balance. Juggling work and life commitments in an efficient way should go a long way to helping. When the various pieces of your life fit together well, the benefits will extend to your entire existence.

Besides, once you establish this mindset, you’ll be sure to prioritize it for life. Therefore, adapting to lifestyle changes should become a whole lot easier too.


We hope these 6 tips on how to build a career that actually makes you happy has been insightful and has inspired you to take the plunge and start following the career goals of your choosing.

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