6 Questions to Ask at a Restorative Dental Appointment

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What to Ask at a Dental Appointment

Available statistics point to 130,000 implant procedures being performed in the UK and this number continues to grow each year. When looking at the many advantages this type of replacement option for missing teeth provides, it is easy to see why it has become the go-to treatment plan preferred by patients.

Replacement tooth implants are seen as a relatively longer-lasting option when compared to dentures, but patients are advised that this depends on numerous factors including how well dental implants in Milton Keynes are taken care of.

Without proper care, a patient is at risk of developing dental conditions similar to those experienced when natural teeth are neglected, gum infections, bleeding or sore gums and overall discomfort. Other plus points are that these offer more comfort and look more like natural teeth.

Many patients get carried away by the thought of what tooth-replacement implants can do for their smiles and in their excitement fail to prepare well for one of the most important steps in the implant procedure – the consultation.

Good preparation includes not only having an idea of what they would like their healthy teeth to look like, but an idea of budget and a list of discerning questions to ask the dentist.

Critical questions to ask when considering dental procedures

Asking the dentist questions is an incredibly useful tool. Patients can gauge the proficiency and experience of a dentist in performing a particular treatment, in addition to considering whether the treatment is the right course of action for them to take.

Self-care starts with self-education.  Here are six questions to ask at a restorative dental appointment. #WhattoAskataDentalAppointment #SelfCare #HealthWellness1. Who is an ideal candidate for this procedure?

If a patient is not at present a suitable candidate – are there steps to take that would improve candidacy?

2. Are there any alternative treatment options that would provide better results?

Sometimes a patient may have their heart set on one treatment method, but a dentist is suitably placed to know of other treatments that may be more effective or better fits in with a patient’s budget.

3. Will follow-up treatments be needed?

There are a number of treatments that require follow-up or additional procedures.

4. What materials are used in this type of treatment?

A patient should have a good idea of what will be placed in their mouths as this may impact their oral health.

5. What are the potential risks or dangers of this type of treatment?

A patient can only make an informed decision having all the available information at hand. Just as the desired benefits of a procedure are important so too are any complications a patient may face.

6. What are the post-procedural care obligations?

This question is of particular importance if patients are to protect the service life of their dental device. While no treatment offers a lifetime guarantee, there are many things a patient can do to protect their investment in their teeth-replacement treatment. It is in the patient’s own interest to heed the recommendations made by the dentist.

A dedicated dentist will encourage all patients to do their homework when considering dental treatments such as cosmetic dentistry and restorative procedures, as they require a superior level of competencies and experience.

Not happy with a particular dental issue and need help in deciding the right dental treatment that offers best results? Contact your dentist today to arrange a consultation.

Are you confident that you know what to ask at a dental appointment now? Self-care starts with self-education. 

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