Taking Time Off as a Business Owner is Possible – Here’s How

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If there is one thing that puts many people off starting their own company, it has to be the idea that entrepreneurs can very rarely take time off work.

For some reason, running a business now has a reputation for being a very demanding career, one that comes with hardly any time off.

That really isn’t the case, though. As the business owner, you will be able to take your holidays whenever you want.

It’s just that so many entrepreneurs are completely dedicated to their company, so they find it hard to switch off.

It is important that you do take time off, though, as it will really benefit your mental health. Here are a few tips that can make it possible for you to leave your company for a week or two.

As an Entrepreneur it's so easy to fall into the trap of thinking you're indispensable. Here's how to put measures in place and give yourself permission to take a break.  #TakingTimeOffasaBusinessOwner #Metime #Selfcare #EntrepreneurshipPut Plenty Of Support For Employees In Place

Your employees should be able to carry on with their usual jobs and responsibilities even when you aren’t in the office with them. However, you might need to leave some help behind just in case some things go wrong while you aren’t there.

Firstly, you should let everyone know which manager you are leaving in charge in your absence. Everyone will then know who they should report to.

It’s also a good idea to find an IT firm, such as uswired.com, that can help with any tech or IT issues while you are gone. Ideally, the firm you choose should have a reliable customer support service.

Tell Your Clients In Advance

You should let your clients know that you are taking some time off. Ideally, you should give them a couple of weeks’ notice so that they aren’t taken by surprise.

If you let them know who you are leaving in charge while you are gone, then they can still reach out to someone in the company if they ever need to.

Don’t worry about your clients while you are gone; they won’t be annoyed about your absence as they will understand that you will want a holiday at some point!

Don’t Forget Your Out Of Office

Be sure to turn on your out of office reply on your email. If you aren’t sure how to do that, you can see how to do it on an Outlook account at support.microsoft.com.

If you have a Gmail account, then a quick Google should show you what you need to do. Whenever anyone emails you, this reply will be automatically sent to them and will remind them that you are currently away.

Don’t Be Tempted To Check In

You might want to check your emails or contact the office while you are on your holiday. Don’t do this. This is your time away which should be a chance to forget about work so that you can completely relax.

Plus, if you do check in, then it will mean your employees might still be reliant on you.

So, there you have it – taking time off as an entrepreneur is possible.

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When was the last time you took some time off your business? This image alone made me want to head down to the Beach!

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