How To Stay On Top Of Clients As An Entrepreneur

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If you’re an entrepreneur then the chances are you will already know how difficult it can be to manage your clients. Whether you’ve been doing it for years or you’re completely new to running your own business, it never gets any easy to manage your client base.

Whilst it may appear to be one of the most difficult challenges you’ll face within your business, there are a number of tips and tricks you can use to make the whole process that little bit easier. With that in mind, here is a guide to staying on top of your clients as an entrepreneur:

Are you running yourself ragged with too much on your to-do list? It's time to get organised. #howtostayontopofclients #productivity #timemanagement Keep A Separate File For Each Client On Your Desktop

If you are saving a lot of files when it comes to each of your clients, it’s important you are separating them on your desktop. Whilst it may seem easier to save everything in all one place at the time, keeping things separate will meal you will easily be able to located items when you need them.

Not only that, but it also avoids you sending the wrong file to the wrong client.

For a guide to organising the files on your computer, you can visit this site here.

Colour Code Their Work In Your Calendar

If you use a calendar to schedule all of your time, colour coding everything by the client is a great way to look at things at a glance. If you stick to these colour codes throughout your business, you will find it much easier to manage each client individually.

Whether that means buying multicoloured folders, using different colours on your project management systems or using colour paper on your notice boards – using the theme throughout will really help you see what you’re doing and when.

Set Up A Monthly Meeting To Catch Up On Work You’ve Done

In order to feel as though you are organised and on top of everything you are doing, setting up a monthly meeting with each of your clients is a great idea.

Here you will be able to talk about all of the work that you have done, the results that you found and what you’re going to be doing for the month ahead.

It’s a quick catch up that will allow you both to feel as though you are having regular communication – even if you are not communicating at all.

For a guide to monthly calls with clients, you can visit this site here.

Use A CRM System To Organise Everything

If you have a lot of clients and they are hard to manage on your own, a CRM system is a great option. These are designed for people that tend to have high volume, low capacity clients, as you can easily see everything from an overview in your dashboard.

If you have a team, you will be able to assign clients using the CRM. For more information, you can visit Strategy Overview.

Consider Project Management Sites Like Trello

Finally, if you’re really struggling to stay on top of everything, you might want to consider asking your clients to sign up to project management sites like Trello or Asana.

These will allow you to view everything you need to do at a glance, giving your client a clear idea of when you have completed each and every task they have set.

Are you struggling to keep on top of all of your clients? What changes can you make to ensure you’re doing the best that you can? Let me know in the comments section below.

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