Skills You Need to be a Successful Mompreneur

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A Mompreneur is someone who dedicates her life to her family and to her business. She works tirelessly to be productive and successful in both these areas of life and should be rewarded handsomely for her efforts.

Often, no reward is given, personally or officially.  The rewards come in the form of small successes made in each area of life that need to be acknowledged and treasured as significant progress on the journey.

To be a successful Mompreneur and win these small rewards you will need the skills outlined below.

Skills You Need to be a Successful Mompreneur | Successful Mompreneur pin 1Money Management 

Money management is your ability to accurately assess your incoming and outgoing, find funding sources, and pay back debts.

You probably have some experience already managing your money but you may not know how effective you are at it. You need to be effective if you want to manage a business.

Look at your accounts and take a measure of your income and spending over a set period, usually three months. This will give you an accurate picture of where you’re at financially.

You can then set yourself goals and tasks as an individual or a business to achieve outcomes.

If you want to learn more about furthering your education, visit the link.

Stress Relief

No one said running a business was easy, but no one said family life was easy either.  At times it gets stressful and the sensible thing would be to pack it in and walk away. Only, more often than not, you don’t.  You persevere and the stress keeps building up.

Your decision to persevere is a good one. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And you need to learn how to handle the stress that comes with it, you need to know how to handle setbacks and still continue.

Find your favourite form of stress relief and use it wisely.

One of the ways I personally reduce stress on a daily basis is by listening to guided meditations like this one by Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation.   If I don’t wake up early enough to play this before my son wakes up, I’ll listen when I’m out walking or even when I’m packing the dishwasher.


Productivity is a big topic in the world of mompreneurship, you not only have a business to run you also have a family to run and your own life to live. Juggling all these things at once can make your head spin and cause untold stress and worry.

The answer is to get things under control. Take some time to understand your business and life prioritise and make time for the important things first. Consider what time you have and when you are most productive, optimise your working life in this way.


A mompreneur cannot be successful with an effective network. Your business network will be a source or information inspiration and support when you need it most. The other Mompreneurs in your network will provide the foundation for future success.

If you don’t yet have a network don’t worry. Continue to set up your business and follow leads on what interests you. Social media sites are a great place to start. In a network, you can find excellent contacts as well as funding opportunities.


How are you going to let customers know about your company? This is the job of marketing and it’s a skill you need if you’re going to be a successful Mompreneur. Don’t know anything about marketing? Don’t worry, there are some excellent resources here on this site, and on the wider Internet.

What is the one skill you have that you feel has made you the successful Mompreneur you are today?

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