Personalized Books Children Adore

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Personalized Books Children Adore

Do your children love being the STAR of their bedtime stories? My son does. That's why I've aligned with My Book Heroes. Make Your Child the Hero of Their Story. #PersonalizedBooksChildren   #MyBookHeroes #Affiliate My 5-year-old son loves taking books out the library that sport characters with his name.

When it was time to take library books back recently, there was one book I just couldn’t find, entitled The Adventures of Benjamin Bear by Claire Freedman.   I hunted high and low for it and then finally asked Benjamin if he knew where the book was.

Turns out he knew exactly where it was because he had hidden it away.  Hehe. I asked him why he had hidden it away and he said simply, “Because I wanted to keep it at home”.

Naturally, I explained that books from the library are not for us to keep forever but we could renew the book and keep it for another two weeks.

Since then, my hubby and I have become Masters at weaving in Benjamin’s name and the names of his friends and family into his bedtime stories. Young Benjamin gets such a thrill when we personalize the story. Do you do this?

Enter My Book Heroes

Just after the library book episode, I was contacted by My Book Heroes, a start-up company in Cyprus and the brainchild of Mompreneur, Maria Lavithi.

Maria Lavithi writes the most gorgeous children’s stories about big subjects like Leadership, Determination and Courage.

Each of her books can be personalized when you order them so that your child becomes the hero of the story.

I was only too happy when My Book Heroes offered to personalize one for Benjamin in exchange for a review.

I chose the title, “Discover the Leader in You” because, as you might recall from previous posts, that’s one of Ben’s character traits, he likes to take the lead.

They emailed me a PDF version.  I read it to him and he loved it.

Discover the Leader in You

And he was even more excited when his own printed copy of the book arrived in the post 10 days ago.

I collected the book while Benjamin was at School.  He couldn’t wait to get home before he opened his package.

This is him reading it on the way home from school…

That’s why I’ve aligned with My Book Heroes

Just so you know, this post contains an affiliate link.  This means I’ll earn a small commission should you choose to buy any personalized books for your children from My Book Heroes after reading my post.  

Claim Your 10% Discount

Here’s the good news. Due to my affiliation with My Book Heroes, I can also offer you a 10% Discount on your purchase. 

Use the coupon code MOMPRENEURS10 to claim your 10% Discount.

What is My Book Heroes?

Maria Lavithi’s children’s stories are beautifully illustrated by Daniel Howard and are carefully designed to:

  • help children see the hero in themselves
  • while recognising their friends as heroes too
  • boost children’s self-esteem and confidence
  • guide young readers to build healthy emotional responses to life’s challenges
  • teach core skills such as leadership, determination and courage

Do You Personalize Your Children’s Stories?

Do you also find a way to incorporate your children into their bedtime stories?

Or have you bought personalized books for your children?  If you don’t have any books on your shelves dedicated specifically to your children, here’s your chance.

Don’t forget to claim your 10% Discount when you buy from My Book Heroes by using the Code MOMPRENEURS10.

Wishing you many hours of reading pleasure with your children as the hero of their story.

#PersonalizedBooksChildren   # MyBookHeroes

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10 Replies to “Personalized Books Children Adore”

  1. Bibian

    What a great post you have here Lauren. It is wonderfully written. I know I write posts for children but this is exceptionally wonderful. I was reading the whole post with an ardent concentration. The caption of the book was great “MyBookHero” and the video explained everything. Every child will be proud of a thing like this. I will surely come back here to get my grand kids’ hero book. They will surely like it. I will also introduce my daughter who has two kids to this site who is always looking for a book like this for her children especially personalizing it for them.

    Thank you for a site like this.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Thank You so much for your kind words Matron Bibian. I’m so pleased to have been able to share this information with you.

      I can’t wait to hear how your daughter and Grandchildren enjoy their personalized books.

      What kind of characters do your grandkids have? 

  2. Glowybabe

    I am so glad I found your site.  I am a Mompreneur myself and I applaud you for being a Mompreneur yourself and encouraging others to do it too.  Everyone has their own individual experience that they can combine with their skills and passion to come up with a unique business idea.  We just need to be observant and creative we will sure come up with an idea. Kudos to you!

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Aah, wonderful! I’m happy we found each other.

      I would love to hear more about your entrepreneurial venture. What business do you have? 

  3. Mariah

    What an awesome idea! I’m going to take a closer look and maybe buy on for me niece for christmas. She absolutely loves books. She is only about 18 months old right now though. Are these books mainly for older children who can better understand that it says their name in the book? Or would you recommend to younger kids as well? She is at least past the book destroying phase where they want to just rip the pages out, so that’s not an issue.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Hi Mariah, wonderful idea!

      I would say this book is targeted at a slightly older audience, however there’s no harm in buying it sooner and reading it to her earlier.

      She will enjoy the colourful illustrations at this stage and the story will gain more and more meaning for her every time it is read to her. It’s something she can cherish for years to come. 

      I wouldn’t bank on getting it by Christmas, unless you’re in Europe. Postage took quite a while to South Africa. But that happens sometimes, most of our parcels take what seems like forever from overseas. 

  4. Melissa

    Oh Lauren, these are gorgeous! If there’s one thing that I’ve always let my kids buy when we go out and they ‘want stuff’, it’s books. In fact, so far our Christmas list only contains books and we’ll really have to put our thinking caps on for other presents. There is something so precious about reading with children, and watching them read and discover new things through the joy of books. 

    I was thinking that these would make absolutely beautiful gifts for friends and family at Christmas. I’ve been stuck and these would be perfect. I can just imagine their little faces when they see a book with their very own name on it. That’s an extra special gift for sure. Thanks Lauren.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Fabulous Melissa! Incredible that you have such an emphasis on books, your children are blessed to have a Mom like you.

      Reading bedtime stories is a favourite part of our daily routine though I have to say, Lego is the main thing on my son’s Christmas wish list.

      We have excellent libraries here and an extensive book collection at home too.

      Do your children also like reading the same books over and over again? 

  5. Vanna Denham

    This is a good article for me personally.  I’m a grandmother and my daughter is very conscientious about her daughter’s learning experience.  Since she spends a lot of time at my house during the day I can use some of these good materials and ideas.

    I love the idea of personalizing the stories. Thanks also for the 10% discount, I’ll try to use it myself instead of passing it on.

    All the best to you

    V. Pearl

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Dear V. Pearl,

      What a wonderful Grandmother you are to be so involved in your daughters life and your granddaughters upbringing.

      May you have many special times together reading these magical books. 


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