How to Stay Online Consistently

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How to Stay Online Consistently?

Are you a Mom Entrepreneur with an online marketing strategy?  Do you find it tricky to maintain your blogging schedule as well as social media marketing?  Me too. As a Mompreneur with 3 blogs,  my content and digital marketing strategy is not always in sync.  When I’m publishing on all 3 blogs every day, I’m often finding myself behind on sharing those posts.  I find it really difficult to stay consistent.  Suffice to say, I need the advice in the contributed post below…

Staying Online Consistently

When you are planning your marketing strategy for a budding business, there are many different things that you will need to consider. One of the most important things of all is the consistency of your marketing and your content roll out.

As a writer and a content creator, you will need to stay consistently online and make sure that you can stay in the minds of your audience. Here are some of the ways to help you post consistently all year long.

Use a scheduling device

The first thing you want to do is get yourself some sort of social media management service or scheduling device which can allow you to plan posts ahead of time. If you are always busy in your working week, the idea of remembering to post every day can be difficult.

But if you can schedule posts months ahead of time you don’t need to worry about remembering every single day.

Make time to create posts

It is crucial that you set out an hour or two every single week to plan the social media posts you will be sharing over the next few weeks. Spending time dedicated to this cause will allow you to focus and create better quality content for a few weeks. You can schedule videos, social media posts and blog posts to ensure that content is being rolled out constantly.

Brainstorm for a full month

It is always best to plan for a long period of time at once. If you can plan for a month ahead of time you will be able to have lots of great content in the works without having to think about a thing for an entire month.

If you can schedule yourself a morning or afternoon once a month, you will be able to save time during the rest of the month and make your life easier.

Add value

When writing content, make sure that you don’t just share content for the sake of sharing content. You need to think about adding value to your audience and giving them content which they want to share with their friends and family. When planning content, make sure that you choose good quality content and don’t rush anything.

Use the seasons

If you are going to struggle to find content to share every single day, the best thing you can do is go online and look for fun holidays like international pet day and think about the seasonal content you can post to coincide with things like Christmas and Easter.

You can make a bigger mark on the Internet by looking for trends and joining in with big events. For example, right now you could do well sharing some football content to go alongside the World Cup!

When creating content and staying online, make sure that you go back and check regularly for any comments by your audience and take the time to interact with them and talk to them on a personal and positive level to build your relationship.

Are you managing to maintain a consistent online presence?  How often do you publish posts and do you have the time to share all of yours?  

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