Want to Work From Home? Check These Options Out

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Work Home Options

Are you toying with the idea of joining those of us who work from home? You’ve come to the right place. Start with the great ideas in the contributed post below and then search this site for plenty more great ideas as well as success stories of Moms who are either still working from home… or started out that way and now have had to move into premises because their businesses have outgrown their homes. You just never know where this journey may take you.  #workhomeoptions

Want to Work From Home? Check These Options Out

There is a massive rise in people working from home, small businesses, becoming your own boss, the side hustle – whatever you may call it, you might want to join them. But what are your options? Well, that’s easy, take a look at the ones below and you’ll be setting up your own business in no time.

1. Outsourcing

Being a mediator and manager pays a lot more in the digitized world because all you need is a work laptop through which you can connect people and become an individual who outsources work.

You will effectively be the person who links up people looking for specific skills, to people with those skills. A bit like a more modern recruiter. And, while you might think that sites like Upwork and Fivver have made this job redundant, you’d be wrong. Consider how many times a day people now post on Facebook ‘looking for…’. Connecting people is a skill.

2. E-Commerce Affiliate

One reason why Amazon and eBay have the edge over most of its competition is that they bring in average people into the picture as sellers. Your place can become a distribution spot for the E-Commerce sector which uses your home as a base for selling out.

This business demands that you are very prompt with receiving orders and keep track of all your deliveries while staying in touch with your respective managers. Easy enough? Go for it!

Another similar thing is affiliate marketing where you market the products of e-commerce stores likes Amazon to other people and get a commission when people buy through you.

3. Web Development

Software development is a lot easier than you think, especially if you get a kick out of sitting on a computer and trying to sort out cyber-bugs. You can run an entire business where you get work, do some yourself, and form a team to complete other tasks. A few hours a day and you can let your skill guide you into making a lot of easy money!

4. Social Media Manager

Managing pages and being the publicity director for a startup or emerging business can be really rewarding (from home, of course). The job requires that you actively engage social media users with useful content, market the products, and competitively (but carefully) sell the services or products of your clients.

This job is quite readily available compared to most others because there is no business today which would operate to its full efficiency without engaging with customers through social media. In your resume, be sure to outline why you are the best choice for this important, but underestimated job.

5. Experienced Consultant

If life has been very eventful for you and you have sufficient experience in a field, it is time you put that knowledge to good use. Consultancy businesses are quite excellent in that regard, whether they are for job markets or for academia. You simply need to market yourself as an individual who has the relevant skill set to be of great used to customers willing to pay.

Continue your service by highlighting the success stories of those who came to you for your unparalleled service, and let your hard work talk for you.

There are so many more options that are openly available for anyone who is simply done with the 9-5 and ready to earn from home. If you really wanted to you could learn how to invest in things like real estate and make that your focus for the next few years. Whatever you choose to do – have fun!

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