Certified Mommy Tips on Making Money While At Home with Your Kids

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How to Make Money Working at Home

Have you been wondering how to make money working at home? Here’s a handful of great ideas from Guest Poster, Alexe Chasanov to get your creative juices flowing. 

Wondering how to make money working at home? Here are some fab ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Guest Post by Alexe Chasanov. #workathome #makemoneyathomeCertified Mommy Tips on Making Money While At Home with Your Kids

Guest Post by Alexe Chasanov

Parenthood is no walk-in-the-park.  You have to be a great manager – a manager of life. What makes it harder is when your income is not enough for your family’s needs. Unlike before, when a husband’s salary was enough to provide for the family, today, even if both parents are working, some families still struggle to get by every day.

And keep in mind that financial matters are just one aspect. There is another family matter that you need to attend to as a parent, nurturing and raising your kids. That’s why there so many mothers who choose to be watchful, loving full-time housewives at home. And good news for those moms, there are jobs that can be done at home.

A stay-at-home mom’s monetary contribution can undeniably ease the family’s financial situation.  A Mom can lessen her husband’s burden and sooner or later, your husband may begin to see you as a financial asset.

Though it still needs the same amount of hard work, patience, grit, and consistency as you do on any daily job in the end, it will be all worth it if done properly.

Here are some simple and easy ways that housewives can earn money while staying at home.

  1. Rental Properties
  2. E-Commerce
  3. Online/Offline Teaching and Tutoring
  4. Seamstress
  5. Freelancer

Rental Properties

You must have something unique that others may need for a short period of time.

Things like a recreational vehicle, musical instruments, construction equipment, portable hot tubs, office furniture and equipment, canoes and kayaks, and camping equipment are just some good examples. Not everyone can afford to buy a $50,000 recreational vehicle but they still can afford to shell out some bucks to rent it for a couple of days. Few people will buy an expensive kayak or camping equipment if they will only use it for one weekend. That makes the rental of properties in demand.

[Editors note:  Some great ideas for Moms are Jumping Castles and other party equipment. ]

Update:  31 October 2017:  Ooh, on that subject – just received this Guest Post:  How To Create A Jumper House Rental Franchise

If you are just planning to start a rental business, the initial capital can depend on what type of products you will rent out. If you do not have that much capital, you can look for a couple of people who already have these things and start a rental pool in which you will find customers for them so you can keep a certain percentage for every successful rental.

As a general guideline, you can charge customers 3 to 5 percent a day of their retail value, 10% a week, or 20% every month.


Certified Mommy Tips on Making Money While At Home with Your Kids | E CommerceSelling online can make you pretty good money.  You can start decluttering your wardrobe to sell old clothes, or you can buy and sell clothes to start your own online store.

This business can be operated even if your children are requiring attention from you. There are a lot of online tools that you can take advantage of like e-bay, Etsy, and much more. Additionally, you can create your own website with a minimal cost so you can market your products better.

For instance, there are tools like Shopify where you can open your own online store and they take less commission. Shopify can really help you a lot in managing every aspect of your online stores like collecting orders and payments and handling the shipping.

Teaching or Tutoring

When your kids are at school or asleep, you can opt to look for a teaching job whether online or offline.

You can look for someone that has a kid that needs help in his/her studies around your neighbourhood so you can take off some time when your husband is already at home. Additionally, the potential to earn in tutoring has become much bigger because of the internet. Now, there are companies that are looking for new teachers for foreign students, especially those who want to learn the English language.

The advantage of doing this is that you do not need to shell out a capital, especially if you already have a computer and a reliable internet connection. You only need knowledge and patience to do this and you can actually earn good money from it.


If you have a skill in sewing, you might as well use it to earn money while you are at home. If you know how to hem pants or jeans, can repair a stuck zipper, or enjoy sewing curtains, this job can be the right fit for you. You can help repair their damaged clothes, create new dresses like gowns, or sew several embroideries.

[Editor’s note: My Mom is a seamstress and Granpreneur.  When my little one was a babe in arms she made some side income selling nursing aprons to me and my Mommy friends.  Now that he’s nearly 4, she’s doing really well with Superhero costumes.  She also makes the most stunning quilts. Will post pictures as soon as I find them in the gazillions of pictures I have taken since Benjamin was born.  :)]

You can start doing the business for your friends and relatives and ask them to spread the news. You can also put a signage outside your house so more people can be aware of your business. Also, you can market your skills online so you can look for nearby customers or you can sell your creations online through shipping.

Lastly, you can consider teaching someone else everything about your skills to earn additional money. Evening and weekend classes can be the perfect time to do the business.


There are a lot of freelance jobs you can do depending on the skills and talents you possess.

  • Are you good at writing articles? Be a freelance writer.
  • Do you know how to edit pictures and create videos? You can be a freelance graphic designer.
  • You can also develop software, and become a consultant on your expertise.

The thing with freelancing is, you have no boss but yourself. You set your own deadlines and you dictate the flow of your business which can work best if you have kids to nurse.

The internet opens a whole lot of opportunities for moms to still earn money even though you can’t leave your house because of your kids. With just a little creativity, you can contribute to the financial wellness of your family and relieve some of your husband’s stress.

Looking for ways to #makemoneyathome ? Here's a great #GuestPost on #InspiringMompreneurs by #AlexeChasanov About the Author:

Alexe Chasanov is an e-commerce business owner somewhere in California, specializing in men and women fashion outfits. She loves blogging, fashion and style, and playing the guitar in her spare time.

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Which ideas have you tried to make money at home?  I’m trying my hand at blogging as well as a couple of side hustles mentioned in my first Income Report.  I’d love to hear how you make money at home. Share your story in the comments below.

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