Handsocks Review – Love them!

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  • Best Gifts for a Baby ShowerMom Invented?  YES – See our Interview with Mom Inventor, Casey Bunn
  • Product Description – No Scratch Mittens
  • Pros – Plush, Stay on, Fingers can be covered or free
  • Cons – Not available in South Africa (yet) (my opinion), No face (Young Benjamin’s opinion – see below)
  • Recommended Buy? – YES. Especially if your baby or toddler is scratching their little faces.
  • Product Specifications:
  • Innovative design
  • No velcro
  • 8 inches in total length, mitten and sleeve
  • Elastic end allows a snug fit.
  • Sewn in label
  • Material: Cotton & Nylon
  • Spandex Stretchy cotton sleeve keeps mittens on and acts as an extra layer of protection.
  • Cotton and poly blend mitten flips open for easy slide on and access to hands. This also allows you to expose hands so newborns can still touch and explore with their fingers.
  • Availability:  Buy on Amazon* or Buy from Handsocks

*This is an affiliate link. If you buy a product via one of these links, I will earn a small commission from the Amazon Affiliate Program.

My son and I were so excited when our Handsocks arrived in the mail from Casey Bunn, Mom Inventor of Handsocks.

Here’s Benjamin collecting his parcel at the post office.

My son excitedly receiving his Handsocks

Of course, he had to open the package right there and then.

Funny story, when Ben pulled out the packages of Handsocks, Ben’s first response was: “What are these?” I said, “they’re Handsocks” and he retorted, in typical toddler fashion, “These are not Handsocks!” When I asked him what he meant he said, “Handsocks have faces on them!“.  I think he was expecting his new mittens to look more like hand puppets. An idea for another design, perhaps?  I’ll submit our story to Handsocks, maybe Casey will name one of her collections after Benjamin. 🙂 Read about this wonderful new initiative here.

I was delighted to discover that Casey sent us 3 pairs. 2 Pairs of Large (these fit Ben perfectly and he’s 3-and-a- half years old) and 1 pair of small for babies age 3 to 12 months.

Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to get Benjamin to wear them yet.  We don’t have the coldest Winters in South Africa (no snow, except on mountain peaks) and we are only just nearing the end of Autumn now so perhaps it’s just not cold enough for mittens yet.  I will update this review once Ben is using them.

Update: 11 July 2017 – It finally got cold enough for young Ben to enjoy his cosy Handsocks!  

I have to admit I’ve also tried them on – a few times. Okay, they’re a bit tight (as I’m a wee bit bigger than a 3-year-old), but they feel gorgeous!! I love the silky feel when you touch your face.  Another design idea? Make them big enough for Mommies. Handsocks we can slip and still type or use our smartphones. 😉

What I love about Handsocks

The problems they help solve…


I would think that the number one reason Moms buy Handsocks is to prevent their babies or toddlers from scratching their faces.

Handsocks also have some very special applications that initially came as a surprise to Casey.

Limb Difference

They are particularly useful for little one’s with limb difference, children who are born missing an arm or part of an arm. These children often have poor circulation causing them to feel cold and normal mittens don’t stay on.

Feeding Tube HandsocksFeeding Tubes

Moms have also reported that it is a lot easier to feed babies who have medical conditions that require them to feed with a feeding tube.  Usually the children will be fiddling with the tubes.

Hospital Visits

Similarly, young children who have to hospitalized and require blood transfusions or simply to be monitored also have tubing that needs to stay put. Handsocks does the job in style.

LBs Journey Handsocks

Sensory Sensitive

Handsocks are also great for children who are very tactile or sensory sensitive, such as children on the autism spectrum.

Baby Shower Gift

Handsocks make wonderful Baby shower gifts and Casey has compiled a stunning Newborn Gift Guide that you can download free

Handsocks Mission and Give-back Program. A Portion of all Handsocks go to Orphans Promise.Give-Back Campaign to Orphan’s Promise

And then there’s the thing I love MOST about Handsocks – their Give-back campaign.

For every pair of Handsocks sold, a portion is given to Orphan’s Promise.  In fact, Casey has an amazing goal:

To help 100 Million Children in 10 Years.

Personally, that’s my number one reason to buy a pair of Handsocks. 

Meet Casey Bunn, Mom Inventor of HandsocksVisit Handsocks

Purchase Handsocks on Amazon*

*This is an affiliate link. If you buy a product via one of these links, I will earn a small commission from the Amazon Affiliate Program.

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9 Replies to “Handsocks Review – Love them!”

  1. Ashley

    Thanks for the info on kid hand socks. I had the hardest time when my daughter was little because no matter how short her nails were she would scratch her face. I like the designs of the hand socks on your page. I’m gonna check them out for my friends new baby! Thanks again for the info!

  2. Michael Ajibola

    Wow! I couldn’t believe that something like handsock does exist but as your boy, Ben said, “I only know of handsock puppets”.
    Well, we learn every day and this is one safety apparel that would serve a really good purpose for infants who inflict scratches on themselves. I’m not married yet so I would probably give one out as a gift. I also love the cause Casey is pushing to cater to 100million orphans, that’s awesome and I would be glad to buy a sock if it will help her cause.

  3. Zuzana

    Whaw, I’ve never heard about handsocks before. This is exactly what I needed when my baby was born. I used mittens, or I tried to use them because most of the time they only stayed on her hands no more than five seconds. I’m actually thinking of getting these for winter. Would you recommend using them for outdoors as well as indoors?

  4. Carol

    These remind me of the time when my baby was hospitalized and had to use feeding tube. Handsocks were put them on her hands and I felt good about that safety precaution. These will make a great gift for new moms. I have seen first hand how useful they are and won’t hesitate to recommend them.

  5. Laurieann

    This is an amazing product. They should have these in all hospitals (they may have by now my on is 25 lol) when he was born they never put mittens on him. The first time I had seen him his poor little face was so red and scratched, broke my heart. Nice article 🙂

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Aaaw Laurieann, thanks for sharing.  At least you know exactly what your Grandchildren will be needing. One Day.:)


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