Exploring Different Orthodontic Treatments To Perfect Your Smile

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In today’s post, we are exploring different orthodontic treatments to give you that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. A smile that is straight and dazzling is something that most people dream of, whether through our childhood, teens or as an adult. It may be that you get the misalignment problem sorted throughout your earlier years or it may be that the treatment is wanted in later life. No matter what the circumstances are, getting the teeth straightened has never been easier with braces Stoke-on-Trent.

Exploring Different Orthodontic Treatments

different orthodontic treatments for a perfect smile

The more traditional treatment method

When first thinking about straightening a smile, the image that first comes to mind is often the metal brackets that are bonded to the front of the teeth, often referred to as the ‘train-track’ style brace.

Whilst as a teen having this brace is a common occurrence, as an adult, the visibility of the treatment to others can be a deterrent and put you off receiving any treatment.

For the people who are more conscious about the appearance of the treatment, there are a variety of cosmetically appealing treatments which are as effective as the traditional brace method whilst remaining inconspicuous throughout treatment.

Combining the traditional with the modern

The Lingual brace is just one of the more inconspicuous realignment treatments available to adults. This method draws inspiration from the more traditional realignment method as it uses brackets and wires but differs in placement. Each bracket created is tailor-made to fit the inside of your tooth, ensuring a comfortable but effective fit.

A costly alternative?

Although the more cosmetically appealing brace or retainer options are not readily available on the NHS, in most cases there are financial aids available. These can vary from practice to practice but are often do the 0% finance plans or fixed monthly payments enabling the cost to be spread out. The preferred treatment method is therefore not necessarily out of reach due to finances. Discuss the options available with the dental practice so as to know all the possibilities.

Improving life

For some, tooth misalignment is primarily a cosmetic problem with little effect on anything other than the appearance of the smile. For others, speech impediments, bite problems or the placement of the jawbone can become affected leaving the patient feeling disheartened.

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The treatment is therefore needed but replacing one problem with an unwanted treatment plan is not the best course of action. Therefore, in order to improve the physical and mental health of the individual, it is important to open up discussions on treatment plans before focusing on the cheaper alternatives. The end goal is the same, but the journey to the goal post needs to have the main player on board.

The first step is a discussion, followed by the consultation, followed by treatment should you so wish. The alignment possibilities are vast and therefore focusing on how to improve the smile is to be done as a team. You and your dentist.


Finding the most suitable orthodontic treatment for your tooth misalignment issue is a step towards a straighter and healthier smile. With so many different orthodontic treatments at your disposal, there’s no reason why you can’t perfect your smile. Contact the dentist today to get started.



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