Boost Corporate Social Responsibility in 2018

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Are you planning to boost your Corporate Social Responsibility in 2018?   

Casey Bunn's Mission for HandsocksCasey Bunn, Mom Inventor of Handsocks has a goal to help 100 Million Children worldwide with her Handsocks and give back programs.  Now that’s a Mompreneur with a huge sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

Casey Bunn has made CSR her MISSION.

Since interviewing Casey, I’ve been thinking of how I can give back too.   

The guest post below offers a number of ways we can weave CSR into the fabric of our business.  Big Thanks to PJ Taei of Uscreen.TV

Ways Your Small Business Can Boost Corporate Social Responsibility in 2018

Corporations exhibit corporate social responsibility (CSR) when they make a difference in the world as they make a profit.

To achieve this result, companies must meet the varying legal, economic, ethical, and philanthropic needs of their stakeholders.

Even small businesses that edit videos, remodel houses or groom pets can practice CSR, so consider the ways your company can demonstrate CSR to your employees, customers, investors, suppliers, and the surrounding communities this year.


Follow all laws in your industry as you maintain your legal obligations. Regulations are in place to protect consumers, and you face hefty fines if you neglect your responsibility. However, don’t take your legal obligations seriously simply to avoid fines. Be sure your small business follows the law because it’s the right thing to do.

  • Know and obey laws, regulations and other practices related to your small business operations.
  • Implement a fair and non-discriminatory hiring and firing process.
  • Maintain truthful advertising.
  • Provide only quality products that are safe for your customers.
  • Follow your contracts.
  • Take responsibility for cybersecurity and any mistakes.


While you want your business to turn a profit, your economic responsibility also extends to others. Your shareholders expect a return on their investment, your employees need you to remain in business and your customers rely on your successful delivery of the products and services they want. To maintain economic CSR, continue to look for ways your company can be profitable.

  • Streamline your processes to improve efficiency.
  • Innovate product offering and services.
  • Improve your marketing efforts with a branded app and updated website.
  • Sell products and services at a reasonable price.
  • Continue to provide excellent customer service as you build loyalty.

Planning to boost your corporate social responsibility this year? Some excellent ways in this Guest Post by PJ Taei of Uscreen.TV  #corporatesocialresponsibilityin2018Ethical

Your ethical responsibilities include abiding by local, state and federal laws, but go further than that. You always want your business dealings to model respect and integrity.

1. Employees

Ensure your employees know they can trust your company and will be treated properly. In addition to following all safety procedures, provide a clean work environment that’s free of toxins, allergens and clutter. Also, pay a fair wage that’s higher than the required minimum, and provide a generous benefits package. You can even implement a profit-sharing program that rewards and motivates your team members.

2. Environment

Most small businesses face regulations regarding environmental practices, but you can take even more measures to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve the environment for future generations. For example, look for ways to manage waste effectively, and implement a recycling program. You can also offer a discount to customers who bring their own shopping bags, purchase used office equipment, reduce reliance on paper or packaging that harms the environment, and reward employees who walk or bike to work.

3. Advertising

Tell the truth in all your advertising. Every verbal, printed or online ad and presentation should include accurate information, and your company should gain a reputation for keeping its word in all transactions.


Spread goodwill and improve lives with a variety of philanthropic actions that support your company’s vision, drive leads and make a difference.

  • Match employee charitable donations.
  • Adopt a charity or volunteer project as a company.
  • Give back to your customers with regular discount days and donations to organizations they care about.
  • Donate and become involved in community, Chamber of Commerce and other local events, including fundraisers.
  • Start a scholarship program for employees, their children or community members.
  • Participate in awareness days, including Autism Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Earth Day.

Examples of Small Business CSR in Action

As you improve your company’s CSR, consider several small businesses that succeed in CSR.

1. Trumbull Unmanned uses drones to capture environmental data for the energy sector, and that data helps businesses manage natural resources better. The company also hosts a STEM camp for students.

2. Kiva connects lenders with borrowers across the globe. All money loaned supports the intended recipient who can use the money to start a business, return to school or improve living conditions.

3. Saathi Pads designs, produces and sells sanitary pads that are made from waste banana tree fiber and are 100 percent compostable and biodegradable. The product protects and empowers women and benefits farmers in India.

Corporate social responsibility gives your small business a chance to make the world a better place. Incorporate CSR into your daily operations as you turn a profit, meet your stakeholders’ needs and do good in 2018.

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Over to You

How are you planning to boost your Corporate Social Responsibility in 2018? 

Do you have any CSR in place already?  Is it integral to your Mission and Vision like Casey Bunn’s?  

We’d love to hear from you.  Please feel free to join the conversation below.

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