5 Effective Tips to Help You Address Workplace Compliance Issues

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Workplace Compliance Solutions

Eek, this guest post made me super nervous!  To be perfectly honest, I hope my business never gets to this stage. At the moment I rely on myself alone so I don’t have too many workplace compliance issues to deal with.  

Fortunately, if I did, this post also provides helpful solutions.  This post is written specifically for the Australian market but the same advice applies and am sure similar workplace compliance solutions exist in all parts of the globe.

5 Effective Tips to Help You Address Workplace Compliance Issues

Guest Post by Eva Davies of Full Steam Australia

Are you experiencing workplace compliance issues? Find both advice and solutions in this expert guest post. #workplacecompliancesolutionsRunning a business and striving to make it successful is a big task. In the hassles, you may overlook the compliance factor. However, it can create serious legal issues for you.

In the business world, compliance means your business operations are carried out in accordance with the legal laws and regulations. Whether it’s the management of staff or your behaviour towards customers, just make sure you’re aware of the local laws to protect your business.

Compliance helps you build a reputation as well as increase the productivity of your workforce. Here, we’ve compiled a few smart tips through which you can easily address some of the major compliance issues:

1.     Consider State-Defined Compliance

Many business people focus on federal labour laws and tend to overlook the state-defined laws. In order to avoid any legal issues, you shouldn’t ignore the regulations of the state where your business operates.

State-defined laws are usually more complex and comprehensive. So, it’s best to get in touch with https://www.employmentinnovations.com/services/fair-work-compliance/ to ensure your business follows the best compliance practices.

2.     Employee Wages

Before calculating the payroll of your employees, make sure you’re aware of the federal and state laws about the wages. If your employees are away on a business trip, you may need to pay them for the travelling time as per the law.

Most states of Australia oblige employers to ensure that their workforce is entitled to break periods during the entire workday and overlooking this factor may lead you into trouble.

As per the federal laws, your employees can claim paid sick leaves. If you already have a policy in place, concerning medical leaves, make sure it’s in accordance with the laws. However, if your company doesn’t offer any medical leave, it’s time to update your policy to comply with the laws and keep legal issues at bay.

3.     Telecommuting

Telecommuting or remote working facility allows employees to work from any remote location without the need to travel to the office location. Although this practice benefits the business as well as the employees, it also generates certain compliance issues.

If your employees are working from another city, you should consider the labour laws of that state to avoid any legal issues down the road. You can contact https://www.lawadvice.com.au/ for this purpose.

4.     Know About Employee Classifications

Not everyone who works with your business can be considered an employee. You should know of the local laws to differentiate your employees from independent contractors. It’s important to know the difference since there are different compliance standards for employees and contractors.

5.     Improve Working Environment

Workers’ compensation laws empower the workforce to claim benefits if they get injured at the workplace due to an unsafe environment. You should make the workplace safe for your staff to reduce the risk of any injuries.

Furthermore, you should purchase safety equipment via https://tripsafe.com.au/ to keep your employees and the office safe.

You should do some research on local labour laws to abide by the regulations. This will protect you from legal trouble and help you protect your business from workplace compliance issues.

About the Author:

Eva Davies is a writer and a marketer for Full Steam Australia. If She’s not working, she spends time with her family and by writing poems and taking film photographs.

Over to You

Has your business reached the stage where you need to start seeking workplace compliance solutions?  

What’s working for you?  We welcome your comments.

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