How Coffee Makes You a Better Mom Entrepreneur

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Benefits – Coffee – Women

When Sarah Jones contacted me about submitting a guest post about coffee this was my response: 

Funny you should email me on the day I heard a fun fact about coffee on the radio. Apparently having a coffee before a workout boosts fat burning.  What a win! I feel like going to gym right now for that coffee.

We Mompreneurs love coffee! Coffee and playdates. Coffee to wake us up after a rough night with a demanding little one. Coffee to give us a boost when we’ve been up working half the night so we can Mom all day.

Bring me coffee!! (It’s 4am right now and I’m working while the family is snug in their beds).  He he he.

So YES, Sarah! We do dream of coffee and  just love hearing about all the benefits of coffee for women… bring it on…

How Coffee Makes You a Better Mom Entrepreneur

Coffee, a Mompreneur's ESSENTIAL, right? Here are some benefits of our favourite brew.  | BenefitsCoffeeWomen | WhyMomsLoveCoffee | WeDreamofCoffee |Guest Post by Sarah Jones of We Dream of Coffee

Being a Mom Entrepreneur has its ups and downs. It is rewarding because you can  focus on raising your kids. However, it is a constant struggle balancing working at home and being a mom. To be an effective Mom Entrepreneur, you need some help and it comes in the form of a cup.

Coffee is almost everyone’s lifeblood: parents, students, high powered Executives, you name it. You’ve probably already read a lot of articles and studies listing its many benefits. Mom Entrepreneurs are no different, they also need coffee to keep them going. Here’s why.

The Benefits of Coffee

It Wakes You Up in the Morning

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that keeps people awake. Since Mom Entrepreneurs need to start their day as early as possible to tend to their kids and get to work, a cup of coffee in the morning will help give you enough energy to jump start your day and last you throughout most of it. While instant coffee will suffice if you are in a hurry, you can make your daily morning routine more fun and improve the quality of your coffee with a French press.

It Improves Mental Performance

Coffee generally improves mental performance. Of course, a lot of factors could affect this including your age and quality of sleep. This benefit is very useful to Mom Entrepreneurs with the constant juggling between child rearing and working. It is not easy to be a Mom Entrepreneur and it requires more than just being awake. Anything that could help improve mental performance to be more efficient in your daily activities is definitely a must.

It Helps You Learn Faster

A study showed that coffee improves processing of positive words. How does this help Mom Entrepreneurs? Well, as a businesswoman, you need to read a lot of content whether it be a simple online article or a journal. Reading helps entrepreneurs to learn new skills that can help them push their ventures forward. With coffee, you will be able to process what you read and make use of it. In fact, with the added brainpower stay at home moms may even find more ways to make money.

It May Help You Live Longer

Another study also showed that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of death. This is particularly helpful for Mom Entrepreneurs who are more prone to stress. If drinking coffee can prolong your life, this will not only benefit yourself but your family and children as well. Of course, like any other good thing in life, you need to drink your coffee moderately and couple it with exercise and regular sleep.  You cannot just rely simply on coffee to take care of your health as this involves several factors.

It Eases Pain for Desk Workers

Being a Mom Entrepreneur may mean you have to work remotely and using a computer usually does the job. Unfortunately, desk work, in the long run, causes chronic shoulder and neck pain. It is good to know then that a study has shown that drinking coffee helps ease these pains. For obvious reasons, suffering from any kind of pain can impede your productivity both as a mother and as an entrepreneur. If drinking coffee can help you lessen the pain, it would only be advisable to do that as well as seek medical help.

Be The Best Mom Entrepreneur You Can Be

Being a mother is hard enough but if you  add in also being an entrepreneur into the equation, it makes it even harder. But you are more powerful than you think you are. With enough motivation, plus a cup of coffee a day, you can be the best mom entrepreneur you can be.

Sarah Jones of We Dream of CoffeeAbout the Author

Sarah Jones writes for We Dream of Coffee. She is passionate about roasts, presses, grinders, and such, but she is much happier when she takes a sip of her first morning cup.

I’m sitting in my favourite coffee shop right now, sipping a delicious cappuccino as I type this.

Is coffee also a BIG THING in your life, Moms? Would love to hear your coffee stories over a cuppa in some gorgeous little coffee shop somewhere…but as most of you are miles away, how about taking a sip of your favourite brew, wherever you are and just popping a comment below.  I’ll drink to you.  🙂 Cheers.

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