Afformations vs Affirmations: The Secret Code of Success

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Afformations vs Affirmations

Taetske, a friend of mine at Wealthy Affiliate introduced me to Noah St. John’s great little book on Afformations, The Secret Code of Success. 

You can get a free PDF of the first two chapters here: Noah St John Afformations PDF

It’s a fabulous book.  I practically devoured the first 73 pages and can’t wait to read the rest of the book.  I’ve been doing Affirmations on and off for years with limited success and was excited by what I was reading.

Quick Summary

Noah St. John coined the term Afformations when he realised that traditional Affirmations are like using a chainsaw to try drill a hole in the wall.  They are great in themselves, but simply the wrong tool for the job.

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The Secret Code of Success Noah St John

Noah found that asking empowering questions is a far quicker way to shift your mind’s focus from what you lack to what you have.   

He suggests that instead of just blindly repeating affirmations, that you instead:

  • consider everything you want to be, do, have and achieve
  • write them down, and then
  • turn them into empowering questions.

It works particularly well if you take a previously negative question you may have been asking unconsciously and turn it into a positive. For example – some of you may have had this question simmering somewhere below the surface.

Negative Unconscious Question:  Why do I never have enough time in the day?

New Positive Question:  Why do I always have more than enough time in the day?

or  How do I balance my work and home life?

could become Why am I so great at balancing work and home life?

I have to admit, they seemed like strange questions to pose at first –  yet I could see how my mind immediately started searching for answers that would solve the question (exactly as Noah St. John  said it would) and how this, then put me in a different frame of mind.

Here’s a little video I created this morning for my friends at La Femme Empire to illustrate my point…

Do you feel lighter and calmer after asking these questions?

Have they shifted your view of your life right now?  Do your challenges seem smaller?

Would love to hear how you like Afformations versus Affirmations.  Please leave a comment below.

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