Working In A Male-Dominated Industry: Oil And Gas

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More and more women are becoming open to the idea of working in industries they would never have considered before because they deemed them to be for men only.

One such industry is the Oil and Gas sector, and we will tell you a little bit more about finding a job in this industry below.

Finding great oil and gas jobs starts with a great resume that sells your skills to recruiters that are actively working to fill a significant number of openings both locally and around the world.

You need to sell yourself and your skills if you want to land your first job in this industry.

More and more women are becoming open to the idea of working in industries they would never have considered before because they deemed them to be for men only.  Are you working in Oil and Gas?  Was it difficult to break into the industry?  #workinginamaledominatedindustry #oilandgas It’s a challenging industry to break into

Oil and Gas Recruitment has never been a particularly easy job. Maybe it’s the nature of the work or the far-flung places the jobs are set in.

Maybe it’s the talent itself and a certain streak of independence that makes them difficult to find and tie-down.

Maybe it’s just the sheer number of jobs to be filled from a limited pool of resources.

Finding good jobs isn’t difficult, securing them is 

Great jobs are actually not that hard to find. What can be difficult though is standing out as the very best candidate for the specific oil industry job you want.

You have to sell yourself with a level of confidence that makes it absolutely clear that you are the person the recruiter is looking for.

More than that, you want to convince recruiters that they can stop looking since they now have you and that’s all they really need.

To tap into these jobs, you need a good plan and a bit of assistance. It starts by building a great CV. You also need to make sure you stay up-to-date with industry news and postings, and that you have the right skills for the job.

Once your CV is ready to go and posted onto different job boards, you can then use search tools to find all of the oil and gas jobs in the areas you are interested in, study each, and make your applications online for the best of the best. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

What to expect from this industry

The Oil and Gas industry is built upon the strong character of the people in it. Oil Jobs need tough, strong, characters who don’t shy away from hard work. There is nothing wrong with hard work and callused hands. There’s nothing wrong with sweating to earn a real living!

Oil and gas jobs are not for the faint-hearted. It’s not a job for folks that are worried about getting a bit of dirt under their fingernails. Those that can’t do this job have no idea just how good it feels when those drilling sites make the strike and everyone comes off the rig tired, safe and satisfied.

And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that these oil jobs pay well so when you do come off the rig you’ve got plenty in your pocket to enjoy during the down-time.

Are you working in a male-dominated industry? Is it Oil and Gas or another industry? Share your experiences below.

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