Transport Industry: 4 Time Management Tips for Mompreneurs

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Being a Mom is a fulltime job. But what do you do if you have to support your family through entrepreneurship? Obligations continue to pile up, leaving you with the sole decision of choosing the order of priorities.

While you may have a clear plan on how to balance the time you set aside for being an entrepreneur and still focus on your kids and family, sometimes it may not work as you want.

So, where does it go wrong?

In your plans, you probably do not account for the time you spend on the road, as you go to and from work. According to the New York Post, Americans spend an average of 19 full work days stuck in traffic every year.

How much time would you save if you were able to manage that wasted time properly?

Here are some time management tips you can incorporate daily while on the road to maximize the time you have and balance out your life.

Here are some time management tips you can incorporate daily while on the road to maximize the time you have and balance out your life. #transportindustry #timemanagement #tips #mompreneurs1. Avoid Getting Stuck in Traffic

While it is easier said than done, here is where the majority of your problem lies. If you want to develop good time management skills, you should avoid getting stuck in traffic.

The best way is through scheduling your runs to only happen when the traffic is lighter during off-peak hours. It is especially important to do so after morning hours when everybody is rushing to head to work.

2. Prepare Your Travel Ahead of Schedule

Perhaps you are planning to travel and carry goods in your car. Rather than waiting just until you want to leave for you to start loading the goods into the vehicle, you should do it in advance.

By loading early, you get to save time that you would have wasted in the morning as you prepare to leave. Moreover, you can use a mobile fuel pump from to fuel your car and avoid queuing in the gas station.

3. Find a Parking Spot Early

It can sometimes be very frustrating to find parking spots since they tend to fill up very quickly. It is especially so if you are travelling at night. If you are late, you may spend hours trying to find a parking lot around different truck stops, parking lots, and off-ramps, especially in major cities.

If you want to avoid such frustration, it is best to find parking very early in advance, before all of them are occupied.

4. Get Enough Rest

While you may have so many tasks to do every day, working on them while your concentration is at peak can help you reduce the time you spend on each task. Therefore, you must set time for a good night’s sleep if you want to recharge your batteries fully.

If you can manage to avoid the heavy traffic during the day, plan your day, and get enough sleep before you start a new day, you can maximize much of the time you lose while on the road and have more time to spend with your family. You can do all this by incorporating some practical time management skills to your routine.

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