3 Inspiring Alternatives to College for Your Kids

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As a responsible parent, you want the very best for your kids. You want your offspring to be happy, confident, and successful citizens of the world.

While at the school gates, you may hear Moms chatting about the academic success of their children, their college applications, and their future career plans.

If your child isn’t as academic and struggles with school work, you don’t have to force them down the college route. The chances are that the parents who are boasting about the children’s academic prowess at the school gates are over-inflating their achievements, are pushy parents, and are making their kids’ lives a misery with the untold pressure they are piling on them.

Rather than fall into this trap of pushy parenting, support your child in whatever it is that they want to do. College is not the be-all and end-all of a successful life.

Plenty of successful business people and others never went to university. Take, Richard Branson for instance.

If your child isn’t keen on continuing with their education in a traditional classroom setting, check out these three inspiring alternatives to empower their future success.

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1. Learning on the Job

The kids that head to college nowadays end up graduating with an array of debt as well as their degree. This can put them under increasing amounts of pressure as they enter the graduate job market. If your child wants to shun this financial pitfall, they could forego the college education and learn on the job instead.

There are many apprenticeship programs that allow school leavers to take up a role within a company while studying for a qualification. This allows children who enjoy being more practical rather than learning in a classroom the chance to become skilled in a profession.

Check out Abcksmo.org and look at the incredible electrician training program for young people. Aspiring electricians can work on-site, learning on the job rather than in a theoretical sense. They will also have day-release to study for a diploma or other industry-recognized qualifications. This will empower them to find employment in their chosen field post-apprenticeship with none of the debt of a college leaver.

Have a chat with your child and explore their interests. They might adore cooking, have a penchant for design, love building things, or they might be eager to work outdoors in nature. Whatever it is that they want to pursue for a career, there will be an apprenticeship out there to support their goals.

3 Inspiring Alternatives to College for Your Kids | College Alternatives pin2. Travel

While you might not be keen on your child leaving education to embark on a great wanderlust adventure across the globe, this could be the very making of them. You see travel as a risk.

Backpacking as an eighteen-year-old sounds like an accident waiting to happen to you. You might worry about their safety, their lack of worldly experience, and their naivety.

However, these are the very reasons why travelling and experiencing new things can be so worthwhile for young people.

They can get a part-time job while still in school and save up for their adventure. Don’t worry about them turning into a perpetual nomad.  The chances are that this won’t happen.

However, walking the Great Wall of China, trekking the Inca Trail, or venturing to Ethiopia to teach English to ten-year-olds, can enable them to work out what it is that they want to do with the rest of their lives.

Your child will return from their travels motivated, with an increased level of confidence and boosted self-esteem. This will stand them in good stead to locate employment.

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3. Vocational Courses

Not all further study options have to be based in a lecture theatre in a college with academically gifted students. Your child can excel in a different setting.

If your child isn’t keen on following the usual academic route of studying English, History, or any other school subject, your offspring may want to enjoy something more practical.

Catering colleges, learning an artisan trade, woodworking, or gardening can be learned in a college-style environment but without all of the essays and coursework.

Assessments are more practical and take into account the physical and hands-on nature of the subject being studied. Qualifications can still be gained and a career can still be sought.

Don’t feel pressured by those moms at the school gates. Be proud of the achievements of your kids and enjoy talking about their career goals and future plans.

Remember, you want your child to be happy, confident, and successful. Your support can help them to achieve these aims.

Which of these inspiring alternatives to college would you choose for your children?  And which do you think they would choose for themselves?  

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