Could Home Schooling Your Kids Become a Lucrative Enterprise?

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Could Home Schooling Become a Lucrative Enterprise?

When the pandemic and lockdown first became a part of our lives, we all had to learn a new set of skills. Suddenly juggling our businesses and parenthood at the same time became twice as challenging.

As well as struggling to adapt our operations to better suit the changing needs of our clientele, we were also struggling to manage the needs of grumpy and understimulated little ones.

But as insistent as our President has been to get kids back into schools at the earliest opportunity, many Moms have really enjoyed homeschooling their kids.

What’s more, many Moms don’t feel safe sending their little ones back to school at a time when the chart of national COVID-19 infection rates looks like Godzilla swimming underwater.

But for the enterprising Mom, homeschooling your kids could be a potentially lucrative (not to mention rewarding) hustle that you develop alongside your business proper. After all, you’ve already invested in crucial resources – like these lesson plans at

You’ve already started working on the hard and soft skills that are necessary for teaching your kids at home. As homeschooling becomes an increasingly popular and in-demand solution for concerned parents, it also opens up a lucrative market.

Here are some ways in which Mompreneurs can turn home schooling their kids into a lucrative side hustle. #homeschooling #lucrative #enterpriseHere are some ways in which Mompreneurs can turn homeschooling their kids into an income-producing side hustle…

Selling Resources

One of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of homeschooling is coming up with your own lesson plans, resources and curriculum to ensure that your kids’ educational needs are met, but also that their education is interactive and rewarding rather than dry and boring.

And if you can create resources that genuinely engage and enthuse your kids, you have a valuable commodity on your hands.

There are many passionate but time-poor parents out there who want to home school their kids but don’t have the resources or inspiration to create fun and engaging lessons like yours.

And if you can demonstrate that your lessons get great results, they’ll be well worth paying for.

Blogging about Your Experiences

As in many aspects of parenting, homeschooling is the subject of many online communities of parenting bloggers and social influencers. As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably learned a thing or two about content marketing and how to build a brand through blogging, vlogging and other forms of content creation.

You have the skills and the talents to create a hugely successful homeschooling blog, sharing your insights with the homeschooling community. And when you’ve built enough following to monetize that blog it can become a viable revenue stream.

Coaching and Mentoring

Finally, as you grow in knowledge and experience, you may find that homeschooling parents would value your insights on a one-to-one basis. Coaching and mentoring other parents in the subtle art of homeschooling could be extremely rewarding.

As a veteran Mompreneur, you like to keep as many irons in as many fires as possible. And homeschooling your kids can lead to some interesting opportunities that you can run profitably alongside your business.

Have you considered turning homeschooling into a lucrative enterprise?

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