What to Do When Your Child Refuses to Go to Bed (with Infographic)

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Parents typically have to deal with a lot of sleep-related issues in their child, especially as they move from their developmental years to becoming a toddler.

Whether it’s having too much energy throughout the day or struggling to cope with bedtime fears, there are lots of things that could contribute to your child’s sleeping difficulties.

So to help you out, we’ve put together a couple of tips that can help your child fall asleep more easily.

Decide on a time for bed and stick with it

Consistency is the key to helping your kids maintain a regular sleeping schedule. Decide on a time for them to sleep and then make sure you help them wind down before it.

This means preventing them from using smartphones and computer screens about an hour before they sleep, and also having dinner well before they need to go to bed (at least three hours).

It might also help your child to have a warm bath to soothe their body before they get into bed and most children enjoy a bedtime story (just don’t choose a scary one).

Helping them through nighttime fears

It’s also important to help your child combat any kind of nighttime fears that they may have. For instance, if they have a fear of the dark, you may want to consider a nightlight to help them fall asleep.

You could speak to your child about any kind of fears that they have but it’s important not to push them into admitting their fears as they could become more insecure.

Gently allow them to discuss their fears with them when they are ready and willing to open up.  Often children don’t need you to have the answers or the solutions, they just need to share their experience and be heard.

Below, we’ve added a helpful infographic that covers some additional tips for improving sleeping both children and teens.

What to Do When Your Child Refuses to Go to Bed (with Infographic) | RC ABA 2019 3 7 Tips for Improving Sleep in Children and Teens final
Infographic: Regis College

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