5 Important Ways Certifications Help You Advance Your Career

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Guest Post by Lana Hawkins

Once upon a time, perhaps it was enough for some professions to get a degree or attend a practical course to master a new skill and land a job.

For most professions today, however, continuous learning is not just a possibility, but a prerequisite for success. As a mompreneur, advancing your skills can help you in so many different ways in your field of work, no matter what your job entails.

Although you probably have limited time on your hands, making you a little more reluctant to sign up for yet another course, embracing new learning opportunities is essential to help you grow as a professional.

Many busy moms love the idea of working, be it at a part-time position, a home-based business, or a full-time occupation. Especially if you have created your own business from scratch, you know that you need to stay competitive to succeed. Here’s how ongoing certification can help you do just that, and so much more.

5 Important Ways Certifications Help You Advance Your Career

5 Important Ways Certifications Help You Advance Your Career | Certifications pin

1. Elevating the value of your work

You know how you appreciate seeing that your dentist has all those diplomas and accreditations hung on the wall? Or when you see that your mechanic is actually certified by the manufacturer of your particular vehicle?

In the same way, anyone looking for services in your field of work will appreciate knowing that you actually put effort into embracing innovation and various advancements.

That alone gives you the perfect justification to elevate your prices according to your experience, education, and the latest certification.

This sets you apart as an expert in your work and thus means that you have what it takes to charge more for your services. It’s only fair, after making such valuable investments in yourself, you should be able to put price tags on your offers that make sense.

2. Boosting your credibility in a competitive sphere

Boosting your credibility

If you work in a competitive field like IT, you know that there are so many other people with similar levels of experience and education competing for the same clients or jobs.

This is where the right certification really makes such a great difference, as being able to work in ITIL, also known as the IT infrastructure library, gives you the necessary credibility to move forward.

With the latest knowledge in this and so many other aspects of IT, you can attract more clients or apply for better-paid jobs in your area. Make sure to look for the latest certifications in your particular field of work and you’ll immediately be considered a top candidate in that sphere.

3. Allowing you to work with advanced tools and methods

Whether you work in IT or in healthcare, whether you work directly with people or you’re responsible for tools and equipment, certifications showcase how versed you are in the latest your industry has to offer.

For example, as a healthcare worker, you need to upgrade your certifications in order to be able to use the latest equipment in providing optimal patient care.

The same goes for everything else in your work. As a graphic designer, you should be able to show that you are certified in working with different software solutions and tools that make you all the better in your job.

4. Giving people new reasons to trust you

Giving people new reasons to trust you

When you’re working on your own or with a smaller team, especially as a busy mompreneur, you know that earning customers’ trust can be difficult. Especially knowing that there are all kinds of fraudulent activities out there, you cannot really blame someone for wanting to see your credentials and ask about your accomplishments before they start working with you.

Well-known courses and certifications in your work are the perfect way to achieve that! When your industry recognizes you as a certified and accredited individual to provide some type of service, customers will be much more likely to trust you, too.

The same happens when you add security certifications on your website – people see that major credit card providers trust you and that you’ve done your best to protect their sensitive information, so they are much more likely to make a purchase.

5. Opening new opportunities in your field of work

Being a mompreneur is an adventure. However, you never know when you might find yourself craving a new job or joining a new network in your industry.

Certifications help open up new opportunities for mompreneurs, as you get to meet new people in courses of all kinds, and you connect with eminent, reputable experts in your field.

Obtaining the right certification means that you’ll be able to impress a potential client, but also a potential new boss should you ever decide to apply for a new job and change the course of your career. By attending the courses, you’ll get to meet amazing new people and expand your professional network to a great extent, as well.

As hectic as life might get and as challenging as your many responsibilities might become, if you’ve decided to develop your career, then certifications are a must. They will help you retain your position and boost your reputation, and allow you to thrive in any competitive market.

Hopefully, you’ll use your time and creativity wisely to discover some of the latest available courses and how you can add them into your schedule – all the while staying sane. It’s a challenge, but one that will be worth your while.

Lana HawkinsAbout the Author

Lana Hawkins is a stay-at-home mom by day and author by night.

She’s passionate about interior design, travelling and green living.

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