Unlocking Your Versatility as a Mompreneur

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When we start our own business initiative, we likely operate within humble parameters to begin with.  This in itself can lead us to think along limited lines.

For instance, we may find ourselves focusing on the most timeless of business wisdom as we claw our way to some kind of growth. Of course, that’s a wise idea. Throwing out vital business practices simply because you work for yourself now is not usually the smartest move.

But that being said, it can also be that you’re sticking too rigidly to these prior assumptions, or maybe you’re failing to see the variety of options sitting right under your feet.

Mining for this unearthed potential can take time, effort and initiative, but provided you’re willing to consider both how to make things easier on yourself, and how to differentiate yourself, you will find it hard to consider those creative opportunities.

So far, this is all theory, a preamble that, while nice to think about, may struggle to hold weight for those mothers who are at the coal face, building their empires.

How versatile are you as a Mompreneur? Or are you just doing the same-old-same-old? #Versatility #UnlockingYourVersatility #Mompreneur #EntrepreneurshipWork Anywhere

The capacity to work anywhere is a vital process when you’re trying to squeeze in as many hours as you can muster – especially if you’re having to raise your children side by side.

This is where the use of multiple devices and cloud technology can be so useful, because instead of transferring your files from device to device you will have them in a continually backed-up and secure online set of folders, allowing you to access and develop your business processes no matter where you are, be that in the midst of a coffee shop, meeting a remote colleague, or sitting in your living room.

Rely On Your Training

It can be very easy for mompreneurs to feel as though they need to start afresh when branching out anew, as this new direction is to be defined on their own terms. But really, you likely have many skills that you can apply to all manner of productivity.

Motherhood teaches project management, dealing with people, being able to multitask and to be authentic in your approach.

Perhaps your prior employment as an events manager taught you brevity in communication, selling an idea, or booking talent. Don’t throw these skills out, or ignore the lessons they taught you.

You may be ten times the professional you give yourself credit for – don’t be afraid to market yourself on those grounds.

Outsource Where Needed

Don’t try to achieve everything yourself. This can only cause you harm, and it might even cause you to struggle with complex jobs.

If you need to communicate with a reliable and worthwhile copywriter, for instance, then that can help you stay on top of your marketing design briefs with care.

The same goes for graphic designers, or legislative experts. Sometimes, outsourcing can help you structure your own entrepreneurial work with much more expertise. Through this, you will be applying the smartest possible solutions.

With this advice, you’ll have no trouble unlocking your versatility as a Mompreneur.

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