Baby and Me Keepsakes

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Our children are all unique (and oh so adorable).  That’s why we want to come up with the best mementoes we can find to celebrate their uniqueness. The most unique baby keepsakes I’ve ever seen are pendants and rings made from a mother’s breastmilk designed by Rachel of Precious Mammaries.  

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to take Rachel up on this amazing idea.  My son just was just about to wean and, try as I might, I just couldn’t eke out enough liquid gold to create a pendant of my own. 

I did, however, receive a gorgeous photo memory journal at my Baby Shower which I filled with precious memories of my little bundle of joy’s firsts.  This guest post contains a few more wonderful ideas for you. #uniquebabykeepsakes

What's the most unique baby keepsake you've ever found? Here a few ways you can celebrate your little one's uniqueness. #uniquebabykeepsakesBaby and Me Keepsakes

When finding out you are expecting, you instantly want to capture every precious moment, from the day you found out that you are growing another person inside your belly to finally meeting bump. Making a Memory Journal is the perfect way to create a keepsake from the beginning stages of your pregnancy to the middle part to when baby is born.

There are so many fun DIY keepsake ideas around and you can be as creative as you like. But if you are stuck and not sure what to do let me inspire you..

Photo Book

Take photos of your increasingly growing bump. Have a look on Groupon for great deals –

Homemade Personalised Memory Journal

Capturing every step of the way – anagram photos, photos of your growing bump, important documents, the ‘baby’ announcement, baby shower invites and photos etc. You will create a beautiful timeline of your journey through pregnancy, and the reward at the end.

Memory Box

Like the Memory Journal you can add anything and everything in your box – it won’t be as organised as your journal but still lots of fun.

DIY Frame

This is a great feature to display in your nursery. You can add various item in it, i.e. your anagram photos, baby’s first outfit, first photo etc.

Beautiful decorated Trunk

Again this is a fun idea and you can add as many items as you wish.

It’s great when those creative juices start flowing – so why not make it into a career and start up your own booming business. It’s a great way to generate some additional income whilst you are staying at home with your baby. And best of all, it’s as flexible as you need it to be.

Let your greatest adventure begin!

Over to You Moms

What’s the most unique baby keepsake you’ve ever seen?  Or did you create something special of your own?  

We’d love to hear all about it if you’re keen to share your story.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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