Turn Passion into Profits with Tammy Collins

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Tammy Lynn Collins has been on a fascinating journey over the last 5 or 6 years. A journey that led her to retire her husband and move with him halfway across America where they bought half a mountain to start living their dream.

Tammy is uniquely qualified to teach you how to turn passion into profits.  Find out more in this interview.

Turn Passion into Profits

Lauren:  What do you do for a living?

Tammy:  What I do for a living is actually pretty simple. I turn passion into profits. 

Okay, maybe that is really over-simplification – but I have the experience, education and gifts to help you uncover what your passion is. 

I help you clarify that and turn it into something that is sellable:

  • how it’s packaged
  • how it’s presented
  • how someone else will view it
  • and how they will purchase it

All of this is really branding and so whether you’re developing a personal brand or a business brand everyone wants to turn what they love to do into their thing that they get paid to do for a living that’s what I do. 

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Lauren: What’s Your Zone of Genius?

Tammy:  My zone of Genius- well, it’s a very long road to get there but – essentially, my zone of genius is being an intuitive creative visionary. 

I have a unique ability to see what others can’t see. 

I have the talent to dig in and translate chaos into order. 

I have the skill to dig in and translate confusion into clarity. 

I’m also highly educated and talented at branding, marketing, and social media which is really about translating an idea to the audience. 

Ready to turn your passion into profits? Tammy Lynn Collins has done the inner work to clarify and live her passion and can help YOU do the same.

Reasons for Becoming an Entrepreneur

Lauren: Why did you become an entrepreneur?

Tammy:  I became an entrepreneur because I was tired of being tired. 

I’m a natural-born leader and in any position I ever had, I was always thrust into that role or viewed as a leader.

The problem with this – is that it also made me a threat.  I knew this and it enforced my struggle with being accepted and fitting in. 

I knew that I was called to do much more. I knew that I was meant for something much bigger and I was letting fear -15 different fears to be exact – actually stop me from taking the leap of faith into my superpowers. 

I had started nearly a dozen businesses in my life. 

All of them were successful in their own way, but what I didn’t realize is that- I was just practising how to turn ideas into profits.

I decided in the summer of 2019 to go all in.

In on myself and my dreams- what I wanted and I gave it everything I could.

Tammy’s Clients – Women Entrepreneurs

Lauren: Who do you serve?

When I started this journey, I had myself in mind. What I mean by this is that I wanted to help other women entrepreneurs who were in the same place I had been for so long.

I was lost, confused, scared, fearful, and suffered from imposter syndrome and scarcity. 

I constantly felt out of place and rejected – never accepted – and I wanted to help those that felt the same way. 

While I had been working with a university, a college and several nonprofits at that time, I knew that’s not who I wanted to help. See, they have the ability to afford and hire pretty much whoever they’d like- but women entrepreneurs have limited funds and don’t have access to high-level marketing. 

That’s the void and where I wanted to step in and change things.

I knew that I wanted to serve women entrepreneurs who were seeking something more. 

They wanted so much more out of their life. 

They are miserable because they know they’re not doing and living their passion.  

I call these women superwomen because they know deep inside that there’s something more and they’re just trying to figure out how to make that happen. 

With the right help, they can!

Career Highlights

Lauren: What was the number one highlight of your career?

Tammy:  Coming up with a number one highlight of my career is probably difficult.  See along with the way I had earned a stack of awards for all kinds of things. 

I’m an award-winning interior designer and marketing director. I have awards in design, social media, website design, logo design, advertising campaigns, and a whole host of other things. 

I even have million-dollar sales certificates – several. Many would think that those were the highlights of my career- but ironically, I was still unfulfilled. 

The highlight of my career didn’t come until 2019, with I worked with the first client that enforced my mission. It showed me that I could do it. What I had set out to do.

When she started working with me, she was barely going to finish out the year at $40,000. 

The first year she started working with, me she finished at $154,000 and now this year, she will surpass her wildest dreams at over double that.

She’s booked out for the year and has a waitlist. 

This was the highlight of my career because she was me – the client I wanted to serve – and I was able to help her.

It was very validating for me to do.

Career Challenges

Lauren:  What was your greatest challenge to overcome?


The greatest challenge for me to overcome in my career was imposter syndrome and perfectionism. Also along with fear of rejection. I struggled terribly with those three things and it took a lot to overcome them.

I’ve actually developed a system that helped me to get through all of those things.  I am now building that into a system to help other people and just called L.I.V.E. Your Passion™.  

I’m very passionate about it. it and super excited to bring that to the public. That’s happening very very soon- this fall.

Work-Life Balance

Lauren: Do you have any daily rituals to maintain a work-life balance?

Tammy:  I believe in a very strong work-life balance. 

As a creative person, I need to have downtime. The more downtime I have, the more creative and powerful I am for my clients.

So I stick to a 4-day work week and I have a very strict no weekend work policy. 

I schedule 2 weeks off every quarter.  

I also have been building my passion – all of my passions – because of my system and what I’ve been able to accomplish.

It’s helped me to retire my husband and purchase a mountain. 

We are living out another big dream that we’ve had for some time. It’s called Futurology Farms.

It’s a magical place and we are creating and crafting an experiential place.

Lauren: Describe a day in the life of Tammy Collins

Tammy: Given my success, my husband and I moved across the country, during the pandemic, to our new mountain. 

 I spend most of my days here on a cliffside overlooking a river in a quiet and magical place.

It’s inspiring and I feel like I live a vacation every day of my life. 

I’m so incredibly grateful and honoured to be the caretaker of this place. 

More importantly, it allows me to live out my mission to help other women achieve this type of life.

Once you lean into yourself and start feeding your passion, the universe pays you back triple fold you experience happiness like you’ve never known and your energy and vibrations list to a whole new level and you can begin to impact those around you -your family, your friends, and your community. 

It’s electrifying and every woman deserves that in their life.

My routine is very important to me and I contribute a large portion of my success to it. I rise early and spend time with gratitude. 

I spend time with intention. I spend time meditating and I walk – connecting with nature.  

I take my time getting ready for the day and I make sure I have a clear agenda for the day of what I will do and what I won’t do. It’s very important to me that I have the mental space, spiritual space and space to exert energy in a day.

 I feel like I live my passion because I trusted myself enough to lean into it.

Goals Accomplished

Lauren: Do you feel you have already created your best work?

Tammy:  I’m not sure if I’ve already created my best work – I hope not! 

This journey is just beginning and what I’ve been able to accomplish has taught me that our dreams are attainable. 

I accomplished my 3-year, my 5-year and some of my 10-year dream goals within a year-and-a-half space. 

 It meant I had to come up with new dreams and that expansion is a wonderful place to be. 

Since I did things I never thought possible, I have to come up with new things.

I hope that my best work has not yet come.

Lauren:  If you were to die tomorrow, would you be at peace knowing you had lived a full, happy
and meaningful life? Or would you feel you were dying with your song unsung?

Tammy:  If I were to die tomorrow, I would be at peace knowing I lived a full happy and meaningful life.

I have built a legacy to leave my children.

 I have impacted many women and entrepreneurs. I have more work to do, so I know that my time on this Earth is still long and plentiful. I’m happy with what I’ve been able to accomplish.

Tammy Lynn Collins – Message to the World

Lauren: Do you have a message you would like the world to hear?

Tammy:   If I could give one important message to those listening- to those women who feel lost and are tired of being tired, who feel like they are called to do more – you’ve got one shot and you’ve got to lean into yourself and  do the work to uncover what your passion is and get it clarified. 

You must turn it into your livelihood. It’s possible- you can do it –  if you have the right help.  I would love to help you.

Lauren:  Is there a book, song or movie that has had huge significance or meaning in your life?

There’s a particular song that has really strong meaning to me and it’s called This Woman’s Work.

It’s actually from a movie I think it’s called Nine Months – with Hugh Grant. 

They played the song when the lead actress was giving birth to the baby. 

This song has such a deep meaning to me because I don’t see it as meaning about giving birth to the baby as they intended in the literal sense. 

I see it as giving birth to your passion and it’s just so moving and so powerful when you think about it in that capacity.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Lauren:  What advice would you give someone just starting out as an entrepreneur?

Tammy:  My advice to someone just starting out is to stop staying in a place of scarcity and imposter syndrome.

If you think you don’t have the funds, you won’t.  Until you invest in yourself – no one else will. 

You must get the help that you need. Not getting help is the biggest mistake. 

It will ruin your opportunity and, at the very least, make it take way longer than it needs.

Investing in a solid foundation is critical. 

  1. You need to do a program like L.I.V.E. Your Passion and get crystal clear. 
  2. Then, you need to do L.O.V.E. Your Brand – where you build an amazing foundation for your business. 

Those two things put you on the path to success and clients that do those programs with me, have rapid success and achieved their dreams much faster than they ever thought they would.

Lauren:  Do you feel you chose an easy path or a difficult one?

Tammy:  Becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone and that’s kind of a hard truth right there. 

One of the things about me is that I’ve earned this bee sting tag and that’s because I tell the truth no matter how hard it is to hear. You’ll either love me or love to hate me.  I get straight to the point and I tell the truths that no one else wants to say and many don’t want to hear. 

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. I’ve turned clients away because I didn’t feel that they had what it took to become an entrepreneur.  Meaning they weren’t ready or their mindset wasn’t in the right place. 

Being an entrepreneur means you need to ride the roller coaster of your life. You’ve never seen the twists,  turns, and loops that will shake you to your core – so you’ve got to be prepared to handle those.

The other big problem with entrepreneurship is these women tend to be very strong, independent, and bold-stubborn. 

Which are keys to being a successful entrepreneur.

It’s also their biggest downfall because they can’t ask for help. They take it all on themselves and it’s actually their biggest weakness and downfall. 

When I have clients who listen to what I tell them, implement what I ask them to do and follow the directions, they have phenomenal results. 

When they are distracted and deviate from the process and plan – that’s when things fail miserably.

Tammy Collins is an Intuitive Creative Visionary who helps women entrepreneurs turn passion into profit

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  1. Cogito

    Hi Lauren. Thank you for great interview. Im just starting online business on my own and its inspiring to read that its possible to succeed. Tammy is great example here and definitely reading about her experiences, challenges and way of life is very helpful for beginners like me. Looking forward to use these advices and recommendations in practice.

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      Absolutely pleasure. So happy to hear you found this interview inspiring. All the best to you as you set out to build your online empire. 

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    I hope you are doing great!
    Thanks for sharing detailed information about the inspiring mompreneurs.
    It is a good initiative for budding entrepreneurs. I really loved life mantras by Tammy Collins like- LIVE your passion and LOVE your brand.
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    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Hi Gaurav, oh yes, I am doing great! Thanks a mill. Especially as I found out my scholarship applications were successful, so I’ll be working with Tammy doing LIVE Your Passion and LOVE Your Brand. Yay! 

      Can’t wait to get started.  Thanks for your wonderful comment.

  3. LineCowley

    This is a very inspiring post about Tammy Collins. She sure seems to be a real go-getter and going for what she wants. It is very interesting to see what she has done to make her business grow, and continues to do so. You are sharing some very useful tips about Tammy and how she got to be where she is today. 

     Will bookmark this post to come back for more inspiration. Thanks for sharing. 

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      Aah, awesome Alejandra. I’m delighted to hear you got so much out of this article.  Hope your online business is going brilliantly.  It’s been a while since we’ve caught up.

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      Thanks for your positive feedback, Ricky. That’s a great point, I’ll add an About Me page to the site soon.

  6. Steve

    She seems like the mum who knows what she’s after and goes after it without hesitation. This is what every one of us should actually do fully focused, and not half-heartedly. It’s good to know that there’s no one who does not face challenges along the way. They are meant to be surmounted. Helping others achieve their goals seems to be the best avenue to making a living for yourself, at least according to this story.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      You make some excellent points, Steve. I agree it’s a great path to follow – first go after what you want, with gusto – and once you’ve overcome all the hurdles and got what you want, then help others do the same.


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