Tips to Brand Your Office

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Tips To Brand Your Office

Whether you are looking to refurbish an existing office or move into new premises, you have to think about the design and functionality of the space before you reach out for the paintbrush or move furniture around.

It is a good idea to get input from the rest of the people working in the company. They also have ideas on the priorities of the company and how the space should be designed to maximize their productivity and potential. When there is input from different people, it is easier to see what the brand stands for.

Below are 6 good tips that will help with branding your office.

Whether you are looking to refurbish an existing office or move into new premises, here are 6 helpful tips to brand your office.1. Taking inspiration from your location

You should consider the location of the office because it can serve as a good inspiration. This is even more important for those businesses that have the local focus or local roots.

An example is a painted mural on the wall incorporating the local traditions and landmarks that can become the focal point in the reception area.

Tray signs are the perfect addition to any business both indoors and out.  It’s a great way to help you stand out on a busy street or you can use them to differentiate departments.

2. Differentiating staff and client areas

You need to consider different approaches when dealing with staff and client areas in the office. You can choose to use custom stencils to have the company logo or message on the walls of the client area, but the staff space is going to require a different approach.

The last thing your staff wants is branding at every turn; they like having a comfortable workspace that allows them to do their job. Comfort is very important in the workplace.

3. Focusing on your product

The design needs to celebrate the product or service provided. If the company makes drinks or food, then a large dining area or communal kitchen makes sense. If the company makes games and toys, then you can have a ‘playroom’ where the employees can discuss and test prototypes.

4.  Looking at how the company functions

It is important to make the office look good, but it is important for it to support the work being done. If the team needs to collaborate, then you should consider going with an open-plan office and then introduce seating areas and large tables. This gives them a place they can work together as a team.

Provide quiet spaces if the staff needs to work on confidential information or uninterrupted. Look at how the company functions when branding.

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5. Do not go OTT

You need to be careful not to be too flashy because there is a line. Spending money on the latest modern appliance and décor trying to portray an image of professionalism and success might not always work. You can easily be seen by shareholders and clients as a wasteful person.

6. Involve your staff in furnishings and re-decoration

Making everyone feel invested in the process is good. If you want to make everyone involved, then make sure you involve them in the practical changes as much as possible. They can help with putting furniture together, paint the walls, or choose the plants. Maybe they want a say in the entertainment in the break-out areas like a pool table and foosball table. The employees are going to feel comfortable in the space if they were involved in some way.

Which of these tips to brand your office were most useful to you?

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