3 Tips – Simplifying Your Life As a Work-from-Home Entrepreneur

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When you first set about visualising your perfect life as a work-from-home entrepreneur – at least in theory – you probably spend a lot of time giddily thinking about how great it will feel to not have to show up at the office every day and be judged and pushed around by your boss and your colleagues.

Certainly, your newfound autonomy can be a really satisfying thing. But, soon enough, you may find yourself missing the structure you had in your previous day job, as the innate chaos of working from home begins to set in.

Being a home-based entrepreneur means significantly blurring the lines between your personal life, and your work life. It means being solely responsible for structuring your own time and coming up with routines and systems that work for you.

In light of this, figuring out ways to simplify things a bit can be essential.

So, here are some tips for simplifying your life as a work-from-home entrepreneur.

1. Consider the benefits of outsourcing certain elements of your business

Are you feeling overloaded? Working from Home has its drawbacks. Try these tips to simplify your life. #tipssimplifyingyourlife #workfromhomeentrepreneurWhen working from home as an entrepreneur, you will essentially be taking on the responsibilities of a full business team, while only being one person.

Suffice to say, trying to handle every possible dimension, of every possible aspect of your business, solo, can be daunting.

Outsourcing certain elements of your business to third-party companies can help to free up a good deal of your time and mental energy, while also ensuring that a good job is done in areas of the business where you may not have expertise.

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2. Gradually wean yourself off distractions and exercise your ability to focus

A lot of the chaos and complexity that you’re likely to face when working from home will be due to the fact that distractions are all around you, and there’s no one there to make sure that you’re not obsessively checking your Facebook profile every 20 minutes.

Interestingly, recent research shows that the ability to focus in a deliberate way, for prolonged periods of time, is a skill that needs to be developed. It’s not just something you “do,” it’s more like a muscle you need to train.

So, in order to make the job of focusing simpler and less painful, work on gradually weaning yourself off distractions. Consider using web blockers to keep the most distracting sites at bay during the day.

3. Set yourself clear goals and parameters for success and try to do less, better

Entrepreneurs tend to be extremely enthusiastic about their businesses, and will often go to dramatic lengths to try and do as many things as possible to give themselves an edge over the competition.

Of course, this is completely understandable, but it’s important to realise that the more stuff you try to do, the less likely you are to do any particular thing exceptionally well.

Instead of trying to be all things to all people, set yourself a limited number of clear goals and parameters for success, and try to do less, better.

That way, you have less to focus on, and a “simpler,” although not “easier” professional aim.

What do you do to simplify your life as a Work-from-Home Entrepreneur? 

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