10 Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs to Apply in 2019

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Guest Post by Jill White

Stay-at-home Moms are the catalysts for the freelancing movement. It’s amazing how they have used what little advantage they had to create the enormous opportunity we all now benefit from in the comfort of our homes.

Today we are facing this new phenomenon called Mompreneurs which is a mix of Mom and Entrepreneur.  Moms who have become master of their own life is something we can all aspire to because they don’t have the time or freedom to work whenever they want and yet they are best at creating their own business from their homes.  It’s impressive and inspiring. If they can do it, why can’t we?

Starting a business, more specifically, your first business is a scary thing and it can change one’s life forever. Many times it does. Sometimes it looks as if tiredness and fatigue pushes Mom Entrepreneurs forward with even more motivation and ambition.

Here are ten tips for those special Mom Entrepreneurs who are slowly taking over the world.

Moms, we know you are wonderwomen and you've got this. These tips are simply reminders for those days when the going is tough. #10TipforMomEntrepreneurs #Entrepreneurship #Inspiration #Momspiration1.    Be proud of what you are

Being a Mom and a new Entrepreneur means being a risk-taker. It is time to be proud of what you can do and what you are already doing. Being a Mom shouldn’t be a setback and people shouldn’t see it as a reason to give up on their dreams. Combining two domains so different can’t be anything but a right to be proud and motivated.

2.    Get rid of bad influences

Some people represent bad toxic influences for us, and we should let them go even if it hurts. The road to entrepreneurship doesn’t wait for anyone. People tend to feel jealous or even  intimidated by someone’s success. That’s why they try to take that person down. Don’t let anyone drag you into the mud.  Ever.  Be strong and remove them from your circle before they hurt you and steal your dreams.

3.    Introduce your children to your business

Separating children from work is difficult for a Mompreneur, that’s why you should take your children into your adventure with you.  Introduce them to your plans, your hopes, your frustrations and challenges so they won’t feel you’re neglecting them or loving them less when you’re giving it your all to meet your deadlines.

4.    Give yourself a break

Having a workaholic lifestyle can take its toll. Parenting can be exhausting and when you add freelancing or managing a business into the mix, it could be recipe for burnout.   A Mompreneur has a chaotic schedule and though she knows this is what part of her personality type, it can’t go on like this forever.

Sometimes you need a break. And you deserve it.

Taking a break doesn’t mean you are weak. Breaks are fine. Everyone needs a little time to relax, release stress and feel revived. You can’t blame your children for thinking you’re superhuman but at least admit to yourself once in a while that you’re actually human with basic human needs to be met.

5.    Your ideas and intrinsic motivation will bring you success

Sometimes the home environment is the best source of ideas because families and children have needs that possibly nobody is thinking to solve. I heard of a Mom who made products inspired by their children’s lunch box and she made a fortune starting from what some called a “dumb idea”. Inspiration is everywhere; you simply need to be more aware of what’s out there.

6.    Stay positive, focus on bright things

While working at home, some people start feeling negative because they feel overwhelmed and alone. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that nobody will understand your problems or your needs.

Yet being a Mom and an Entrepreneur working from home can be a win-win.  Stay positive – there are lots of things you are doing and creating and success may be just around the corner.  Don’t ever lose faith in yourself.  Hard work and perseverance will bring you one step further every day.

7.    Have supportive people in your life

Whether we are talking about your spouse, life partner, family or friends, keep close only those people who help you get further and higher. If someone is not encouraging you to continue working, learning, parenting, then they may not the person for you.

Try limiting contact with toxic people who you feel are bringing you down. If a USB powered portable monitor makes you more productive, then you should buy the best usb powered portable monitor for your work!

8.    Stop seeking the perfect work-life balance

When you say “perfect”, it’s best to acknowledge perfection is a theoretical thing, not a real one. The perfect work-life balance is something we all seek but it’s just an illusion. It doesn’t exist, so stop looking for it.

Admit and accept that some days you will work more and spend less time with your children, while other days will be the opposite. Working from home is the lifestyle you wanted, and this will bring you moments of joy and moments of angst.

9.    Kill the comparison critic

Women tend to compare themselves with other people, especially successful businesspeople who seem to do it all so easily and have plenty of free time. Men have fewer things to care for because, in general, they don’t do as much parenting. This is why gender inequality exists.

Stop comparing yourself with other people. It’s harming you, and it won’t get you anywhere. The only person you can compare yourself to is yourself.

10.    Find and keep the most suitable schedule for you

Finding a suitable schedule for you can be difficult and challenging, but when you find a schedule that works, stick with it and create a routine. This way your children will get used to “mommy is working” mode and leave you to do what you need to do. This schedule might even offer up the perfect balance you’ve been looking for all this time.

These tips are general, and maybe some won’t be the right fit for every Mom Entrepreneur, but it’s a great place to start. Take care and work well.  And feel free to leave a comment below.

Jill White Writer TravellerAbout the Author

My name is Jill White, and I am a 26-year-old blogger. I genuinely think writing is that thing that makes me happy and fulfilled. Travelling is my second passion and I plan to mix these two things into an output that will bring benefits for everyone. 

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