The Importance of the Right Label

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The Right Label

Your company is about to launch a brand-new product and couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it.  Your team has worked endlessly to get every aspect of the product right and can’t wait to see the results.

But, what can be overlooked at times is the importance of having a quality label. If you have ever watched the entrepreneur show, “Shark Tank” you will quickly notice what an emphasis they make on the label of the products.  In many cases, it can make or break a deal for them.

The label is your opportunity to appeal to the customer.  You don’t get the opportunity to sell your product to your customers as you do in a board room full of investors. There needs to be something that catches the eyes of the customers and draws them in.

Having the right label in place, you will be able to provide the customer with all the information they need to decide about how to proceed with the product. And, in the end, it’s all about how effectively you can brand your product.

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If you feel like you lack some creativity with developing a logo and design for your product, consider hiring companies like Pro-Motion Industries, LLC to get you started in the right direction.

Looking at the right colour scheme, imaging, text, font, label material, and ability to catch the eyes of the consumer are all important concepts to include on that front label.

Product Contents

It is important that the customers know exactly what the contents and/or ingredients are of the product.

In terms of food, this is essential for people who could have health issues or allergies to look out for.

This needs to be accurate and easy to read to make sure that no one is ever in danger by the purchase of your product.


The instructions are here for important safety measures.

Here is where you will be able to see how much of the product should be used and exactly how it should be used.

It will also identify if this is a product that is safe for children.

This is one part of the labelling process that will be looked at the most by the customer.

Warning Labels

Being well aware of possible side effects cannot be missed by companies.

Everything and anything that could potentially go wrong with the use or consumption of the product must be clearly identified.

There could be warnings to people who are pregnant or have had previous heart concerns.

It can also warn you if taken with another product, what the possible risks and dangers that could go along with that.

Pricing Information

This should be clearly on display either on the product itself or clearly marked on the shelves.  This allows you the opportunity to compare prices with similar products. Many times, if there is a rebate or coupon available, it will be noted in this section of the label.

In the end, you want people to walk by your product and have it catch their attention on the shelves.  Blending in with other products is not going to help to sell your brand. And, having a solid label with the information the customers need is one of the best things you can do to help brand your product.

How eye-catching is your latest product label?  Did you get all these elements right?  Does it pop?  Then email me an image of it and I’ll add your product image to this post.

Image Credit: Unsplash by Josh Appel

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