Making a Go of it when Your Business is Mobile

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How to Run a Successful Mobile Business

Owning a mobile business can be a flexible way to make a living. Not only that, but it can be a lot of fun. Whether you work in food, beauty or any other type of mobile business, you can enjoy the opportunity of working in many different places and meeting some great people wherever you go.

It’s also a great time to own a mobile business. Pop-ups and festivals are hot property, gaining a lot of attention from social media and other channels. With plenty of passing trade and the novelty factor, there’s potential to enjoy some great success with a mobile business.

If you want to make a good go of your mobile business, take a look at some of the following tips to help you make a splash when your business is on the road.

All the tips you need to learn how to run a successful mobile business. #MakingaGoofitWhenYourBusinessisMobile #MobileBusiness #BusinessTipsMake it eye-catching

As stated above, mobile businesses are popular, so if your van, car, bicycle or whatever vehicle you’re using doesn’t stand out, you’re going to be left out in the cold.

You’ve got a great opportunity to incorporate something bold, bright and eye-catching to help add some intrigue to your business. From bright colours to a logo that people can easily recognize, build a brand around your business that will draw some attention.

Give some consideration to your business name too – something short and snappy will help make it memorable, and if you can make it reflect what your business is all about, the easier it will be to enjoy attention when you’re out on the road.

Make it easier for people to make a purchase

Mobile businesses can lack the connectivity and resources that other businesses have, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it easier for your customers to shop.

Having clear signs and prices will help customers know exactly what they’re paying – helping save you questions and making sure transactions are quick and simple.

In today’s consumer age, contactless payments are everything. People want to be able to save time and benefit from technology, so being able to accept Apple Pay and having a touch screen card reader will benefit you and your customers. While you’ll still need to make sure you keep change at hand, having these technologies will ensure you don’t miss out on anyone’s business.

Get social with it

Ever seen the movie Chef? It’s a great story about a food truck owner whose popularity grows via social media. Could that be you?

Telling your business’ story through social media helps create the kind of connection that people become invested in. Real stories about real people connect with today’s generations and having that local connection will also help drive people toward your business.

So how do you do it? A social media strategy will help you plot out posts that will promote your business and tell people where you’re going to be and when. Documenting your days using story functions is also a great idea, as this will help give people a deeper insight into your business and take them behind the scenes. People love story content to keep things short and snappy (people are busy don’t you know?) and can be a really useful tool for businesses like yours.

Be at the right places

Want to make the most of the opportunities in your local area? Then start taking advantage of local events. While not every event will be suitable, you could find that pitching up outside gigs, conferences, parades and others (with the right licences, of course) could help your business get noticed. Check out the local listings to see what’s going down in your town.

Team up

Why not try a bit of teamwork to help you make some noise with your business? Teaming up with another business can help each of you maximise promotion activities and each other’s existing customers. Even if you make arrangements to pitch up at a large business to sell your wares there, it can be a good way for word of mouth to spread.

Another way you can team up to boost your business is to get some influencers on board. Working with local influencers can help deliver some great results for your business, helping it to grow and develop a local following.

Run promotions wisely

A good promotion can help your business to sell more, both from new and existing customers. An introductory offer or a loyalty card can be a fantastic way to develop a relationship with customers and help encourage them to come back for more. Learn how you can make the most of loyalty schemes to boost your business.

Keep your costs low

One of the great things about your mobile business is the lower running costs. You don’t have an office to sustain, but your vehicle is probably your biggest cost. Save money running your business vehicle to help you reduce your outgoings. Don’t forget that you can also be more economical by switching to an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Remember to take a break

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your business, but it’s important to remember that travelling, even short distances, can take its toll. Try not to overstretch yourself by booking in too many jobs at once, or travelling too far between locations. Reward yourself with some well-earned days off and give yourself the break you deserve.

Even though your business is conducted on the road, you will still need to spend some time at your base dealing with admin and catching up with your invoices, emails, etc. Why not make a plan to spend some days handling your business administration to help give you a break from all the travelling?

Building a business from scratch can be an incredible achievement. Mobile businesses are perfect for those who want to control their own hours and workload, and it can be the perfect type of business to start as a parent.

Got a great idea you could take on the road? Consider starting a mobile business and start something great.

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  1. Nan Borton

    I know this article was written several years ago but I have started a mobile notary, signing agent business and it is starting to take off. I am planning to start a mobile nail tech business in about a month, depending on licensing. Any advice?

  2. Jill du Preez

    What an interesting article. It was full of good ideas.
    It really is important that your business stands out from the rest.
    This is a must read for anyone thinking of starting something along these lines.


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