Preserving Your Mindful and Professional Capabilities Through The Day

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Are you both mindful AND professional?

Many people, no matter how professional and capable they are, can struggle to be 100% focused on their work throughout the course of an eight-hour workday.

How to Be Mindful AND Professional

Of course, we tend to take breaks and pause for lunch during this time, but it’s also true that most of us remain the most focused in the morning, with our concentration waning as time goes on.

This is why so many companies are starting to trial four-day-workweeks, the idea being that if staff focused more, and were more productive during that four-day span, they could then have three days to recharge which would then influence further productivity as they returned to the office or store.

Another important thing to consider (which many businesses are starting to adopt) is trying out methods that improve and assist with cognitive capabilities throughout the day.

In other words, how can we ensure that we remain as sharp, focused, and capable as possible even during heavy workloads? As a mompreneur, you’re likely wondering this, too. Let’s consider some techniques for improving this, below:

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How to Be Mindful AND ProfessionalMeditation

Meditation in the morning (and perhaps at lunchtime if you have the space and privacy), can be a good way of recalibrating our mindsets, resolving our stress, and feeling just that little bit more ‘there’ than we usually do. This can be good after an intensive morning of work when we feel a little scatter-brained.

Sometimes all it takes is just a few minutes of quiet in your day to recalibrate.  Just take in a few deep breaths or put your hand on your heart and breathe love or gratitude in and out.

Meditation can also help us deal with stress, which is perfect if we’ve dealt with a rather difficult client that morning, or need a little more space to think through our options surrounding a professional decision to be made.


Exercise can achieve similar results to meditation but also allows us to help undo the damage of sitting down in the long term. When we work out, perhaps at Fitness 19, we can feel a sense of energy returning to us, thoroughly allowing us to get away from the computer screen, studio, or other places of work.

Exercise can also help us feel more confident and assertive. It’s hard not to feel more expressive in an interview or meeting when you’ve already dealt with your difficult run that morning, knowing that there’s nothing else to be scared of. It really can make a major difference.

Again, you can slot in a little exercise, really easily within your working day by walking up and down a few flights of stairs or sneaking in a bit of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) when you dash out to get a cuppa.

And on that note…

Dietary Aids & Drinks

Of course, it’s important to stay hydrated during the day. Drinking plenty of water is key. It can also be helpful to opt for soothing teas or coffees if you need them – most professionals know the value of caffeine. Just make sure to keep that intake nearer the morning so you can enjoy better sleep at night.

You may also gain benefit from smoothies that pack in all of the helpful nutrients from vegetables and fruits or look for smoother caffeine experiences such as that which can be gained from matcha green tea leaves.

With this advice, you’ll be able to tackle a long and tough workday with a little more appreciation and tenacity, carefully fighting against the harsher aspects of professional tiredness and stress. It will make a difference.

Are You Mindful and Professional?

We trust these quick tips on being both mindful and professional were useful to you.  What do you do on a daily basis to be as mindful as possible while you’re at work?

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