5 Habits That Make You Mega-Valuable

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Millionaire Success Habits

So… it’s January 2018 and you’re ready to take the business world by storm? 

  • Maybe you’re still an employee starting up a side hustle? 
  • Or maybe you’re a Solopreneur ready to start building a team around you? 
  • Maybe you have a small home business you’d like to grow into an empire? 
  • Or maybe you’re already on your way and this is your year to start making millions?

Wherever you are in your Entrepreneurial journey, this contributed post offers some excellent habits to cultivate.  Here’s how to go from Employee to Entrepreneur to Business Owner to Millionaire.

5 Habits That Make You Mega-ValuableAre you ready to take 2018 by storm? Here are some success habits to cultivate. #millionairesuccesshabits

There is a common misconception that still seems to be rife within a lot of organisational cultures whereby an employee needs to bring in money to be classified as great-value in the company’s eyes. But that is utter nonsense.

The most amazing employees are rarely the ones who work in sales, but rather those who are exponentially valuable in other ways.

Personal contribution is the measure here.

Every single entrepreneur has read about the importance of bringing in top talent and that they are worth the money. The problem is, these entrepreneurs wouldn’t know a top talent if they bought them a drink after work and that is because they don’t know what makes someone great. They don’t know what traits are worth putting a value on. That’s why you have got to make them obvious.

So, with that in mind, here are the behaviours that every employee should try and make a habit in the coming year. Trust us, you’ll be thanked for it in some form or another.

1. Don’t Wait For Orders

This is one of those ways of the world that creeps into almost every company’s culture. The boss simply gets into a habit of telling people what to do. Well, stop waiting for orders and start anticipating them. Get stuff done without anyone requesting.

2. Prevent Instead Of Aid

This is another issue with a lot of companies. They firefight. They wait for something to go wrong and then react. So imagine how valuable you will be if you can improve on this. Let’s use data loss as the issue of the day. Go out of your way to talk to Qoverage about moving to the cloud to protect yourself and talk to your IT department about backing up the systems every night. You get the point. Be the best firefighter in your office.

3. Know Where To Add Value

Businesses are jumping on trends without really knowing how to execute them properly. For instance, businesses these days know they need a blog to help with branding, so they start a blog.

The problem is, they don’t know how to encourage engagement. Make that your value-add. Research your audience, incorporate videos into your content marketing and show your worth in a tangible way.

Millionaire Success Habits

4. Don’t Work In Isolation

If you can get into the habit of thinking with the big picture in mind, you will find yourself becoming a local hero. That’s because those that focus solely on their own tasks and endgames end up making life harder for those around them. So, do your work as agreed, but do it with sympathy for the bigger effort. People will start to love you for it.

 5. Be The Team’s Inspirer

Almost anyone can be taught almost any skill, which is why less and less emphasis is being placed on this part of an employee’s value. What a company wants more than anything is inspiring leaders; those that can lift those around them and motivate them to deliver better work. If that’s your talent, let it shine.

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Have you cultivated these success habits?  Do you have any others you’d like to add?

Are you ready to take your business from Good to Great in 2018?  Let’s do this!

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