Meditate with Gravity and Heal Your Mind

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Meditate with Gravity and Heal Your Mind

With the hustle and stress of busy life, many of us are looking for an escape to heal our minds and comfort our hearts.  We usually end up turning toward relaxing techniques like meditation and yoga as they allow us to focus on ourselves and relax.

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However, you may struggle with maintaining concentration during your meditation or yoga session. And may end up getting distracted by the things happening around you.

This is why it is best to meditate in nature surrounded by soothing sounds, so you may remain focused during your ME time.

GRAVIMORPH is an instrument that has been invented for exactly this purpose.  GRAVIMORPH offers you the charm of those natural sounds during your meditation or yoga session. Its beautiful rhythm creates an ambiance that allows you to let yourself go and wind down.

GRAVIMORPH: What is it?

GRAVIMORPH: What is it?

GRAVIMORPH is a device developed by Mr. Showtaro Nozaki, a mechanical engineer who graduated from the Nagoya Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Dr. Higuchi, a designer, and professor at Aichi University.

The device is produced using the concepts of “Gravi”- representing gravitation and “Morph”- morphology or the phenomenon of movement. The concept describes the unique movement and tones of the GRAVIMORPH device.

Mr. Showtaro Nozaki says,

I always wanted to create a unique product for people that may offer them relaxation. Dr. Higuchi wanted to create a product with a similar concept that affects sensibilities and interests. Thus, we both decided to develop GRAVIMORPH together.”

How Does GRAVIMORPH work?


The device uses metal and wood to produce beautiful motion and sound. You place a spindle-shaped metallic ball or an abacus bead between two metallic rails of an artistic wooden slope.

When the spindle ball or abacus bead spins down the metal‌ ‌rails, ‌it‌ produces calming frequencies and vibrations. The repetitive sound of these objects on the metal bars creates tones that ‌elevate you to a state of Zen.

“When objects, having simple shapes, are acted on by gravity, which is a force of nature, it creates simple yet unique movements and pleasant tones. This is contemporary art that stimulates the human senses and mind,” says Nozaki.


The brand recommends people between the ages of 30 to 50 use this device regularly. However, everyone can use GRAVIMORPH for relaxation. Especially, during the current challenging COVID-19 times.

Nozaki suggests,

When you meditate, practice Zen, mental unification, or yoga, etc., use GRAVIMORPH to support your concentration, just like lighting an incense stick or using indirect lighting. The simple movement and pleasant sound of our device will calm your mind.”

“When you meditate, practice Zen, mental unification, or yoga, etc., use GRAVIMORPH to support your concentration, just like lighting an incense stick or using indirect lighting. The simple movement and pleasant sound of our device will calm your mind.”Why Should You Use GRAVIMORPH?

Meditation and relaxation time are important aspects of Japanese culture.

Take the century’s old tradition of glass wind chimes, for instance. The sound of these chimes fluttering in the breeze has always been popular for creating a serene and calming environment.

The GRAVIMORPH also mimics these wind chimes but in its own creative way.

Only a few minutes spent using this device can unwind your thoughts, letting you refresh your busy mind and relax your anxious heart.

Additionally, you can share the pleasant experience of GRAVIMORPH with those around you. It will heal your energy and bring out the best in everyone. This way you can create happiness for yourself and your loved ones.

What Sets GRAVIMORPH Apart from Its Rivals?

What makes GRAVIMORPH unique is the old Japanese inspiration behind the idea.

The main inspiration behind the concept is the traditional healing style prevalent in Japan. These methods have stood the test of time and helped people in healing themselves from within.

“In modern times, it is difficult for people to feel a sense of “relaxed time” of that urban life. That is why we created GRAVIMORPH which is the evolution of Shidoshi (Japanese glass wind chimes), in a form suitable for modern society to refresh your mind and relax your heart,” says Nozaki.

Besides the healing properties, this piece of contemporary art is an item of luxury. Forged by using the finest material, it is a product of the finest maple and walnut woods available.

“The width of the pure walnut used in our product is extremely rare. Our device is crafted carefully by local Tsubame-Sanjo woodworkers and craftsmen using this precious wood,” explains Nozaki.

The stainless steel used in the construction is also of the highest grade. Especially, the black dyed steel, which results from using an exceptionally rare process.

Showtaro Nozaki GRAVIMORPH Maker

“GRAVIMORPH is a unique art brand. It does not compete on price. Rather, it is a gem of a hobby for those who appreciate the true value of art,” says Nozaki while explaining the vision behind the product.

‌If you want to know more about the product, visit‌‌ or contact the brand’s President and Managing Director, ‌Mr.‌ ‌Showtaro‌ ‌Nozaki ‌on his‌ ‌LinkedIn:

Mr. Showtaro Nozaki is currently looking for sales agents, distributors, or retailers for GRAVIMORPH in the USA and European markets.

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