3 Key Things You MUST Know About Your Target Customers

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In today’s post, we will be sharing essential things you must know about your target audience. Target customers, target audience; call them whatever you want, you know what we’re talking about. These will be the people that you intend your product/service to be marketed at. The first stage in developing a marketing campaign is defining your target audience.

However, there are crucial things you absolutely must know about these people before you start promoting and selling your product. Carry on reading, and you’ll find three critical things you must know about your target customers that will help you market your business more effectively than ever before:

3 Key Things You MUST Know About Your Target Audience


What are they interested in?

You must start by deducing what your target customer will be interested in. Of course, this answer is fairly easy; they’re interested in what you have to offer.

From here, you can start thinking about the type of customer that would be interested in your offerings. Why might they need what you sell?

What problems could your product solve for them? Answering these questions helps you create a persona that outlines what your typical customer will look like.

You are aware of what their problems are because that’s why they’d be interested in what you’re selling. So, build on this when developing a marketing campaign to ensure they know that you provide the solution.

What aren’t they interested in? 

As well as finding out what your target customer is interested in, you need to consider the things they simply do not care about.

This was mentioned by Jerome Clavel on his blog, where he noted that no marketing dollar should be wasted on areas that are not of importance to the most important customer.

Think about what your target customer is likely not to give a damn about, then avoid including these things in your marketing strategy. For example, you could figure out that your target customer isn’t interested in Snapchat at all. Why? Well, it could be a generational thing. As a result, why would you spend money on Snapchat ads? It would be utterly pointless as your target customer won’t see them.

What is the best way to reach them?

This question will be partially answered by the answers to the previous two questions. Knowing what your target customers like and dislike will point you in the direction of where to find them. Simultaneously, you will need to do some extra research to figure out the best avenues to connect to your customers.

When you know the general demographic of your target audience, you can already start ruling things in or out. If your demographic is teenage girls, you’re going to have huge success marketing and advertising on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Will it be worth paying for ads in newspapers? No! Find the best ways to reach your customers and you can start developing an action plan to market your products to them.


We hope you have found this post about things you must know about your target audience insightful, and that it will subsequently help you to reach your unique business goals. The more customers you reach, the better. Identifying your target audience is just one of the many essential aspects of any successful SEO campaign and marketing strategy.

What all of this boils down to is the simple fact that marketing a business is all about knowing your customers. Understand who your target audience is and what they like or dislike and you can figure out how to reach as many of them as possible.


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