Jobs in Politics to Consider if You Want to Make Positive Changes to Society

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A politician is arguably one of the most powerful people in society due to the influence they have and the decisions they make which impact other people’s lives.

That’s why many people have decided to switch to a career in politics, but what jobs are there that can help you get a foot up the political career ladder?

Volunteering and Internships

A great way to get started (albeit with pretty poor pay) is to become an intern or even a volunteer.

This is a good way to network in the political world and start out, but you’ll want to upgrade from this position as quickly as possible to gain more influence.

Analyst Jobs

Analysts need to work for the government in order to oversee proposed policies.

Policy analysts often work to identify flaws in a policy while also helping to create and implement them for governments, legislators and candidates.

Media Strategist

An essential component of any successful political campaign is a media strategist.

By organizing campaigns and coordinating with teams to promote a candidate, they can greatly change the course of a campaign with their unique insights and understanding of how the media works.

Coordinators and Managers

Political management is a broad term that often involves campaign management, but it can also extend to advertising, research and lobbying.

Below, we’ve added an infographic that explains more about political management and also the types of professionals that could make an easy career switch via this role.

Jobs in Politics to Consider if You Want to Make Positive Changes to Society | GW MPM Infographic 6 Professionals 11.5.19
Infographic by George Washington University

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