Improving Oral Health with Invisalign Macleod

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Improving Oral Health with Invisalign

Living with misaligned or crooked teeth is no fun for anyone, as this dental condition can also result in poor oral health and hygiene standards alongside a level of oral discomfort that patients may find completely unacceptable.

The issue to recognise is that even though there are modern treatments available that have been designed to treat misaligned adult teeth, there is still a large number of adults living in Australia with crooked or protruding teeth when there is no need for them to continue doing so.

The main negative effect of living with crooked teeth is that they may result in sub-standard oral hygiene; this is because the teeth and gums can prove difficult to clean when brushing and flossing.

In turn, this can lead patients to suffer from a higher number of common dental issues and spend more time seeking treatment for issues that could have been avoided if they had their teeth aligned.

Improving Oral Health with Invisalign Macleod

In recent years, many dental professionals have gone to great lengths to make adults aware of the fact that dental alignment treatment is not just for children in their early teen years, as they wish adults to engage with alignment treatment if they need to.

Modern treatments such as Invisalign Macleod can deliver the great results that adults are seeking while doing so in a way that allows these adults to keep their treatment hidden from the public, should they wish.

A modern dental alignment treatment

A modern dental alignment treatment

In the past, when trying to engage adult patients with dental alignment treatment, many professionals became very aware that there was one main barrier to it; most adults were usually concerned about how their teeth would look to the public while they underwent alignment treatment.

This is because many of these adults were imagining themselves with wired braces, as this is the type of alignment treatment most people are aware of; however, there are other modern options that are available and may be more suitable for treating adult teeth.

The main negative effect of crooked teeth is that they result in sub-standard oral hygiene. That's why we see patients improving oral health with Invisalign.Why Invisalign

Invisalign is a treatment that can promise discretion to every patient as the aligners can be practically invisible when in place due to being made from two layers of clear and strong plastic that are moulded together.

If a patient does decide to go ahead and have their teeth aligned with this treatment option, then they will have x-rays, scans and/or moulds taken of their teeth that will be used to aid in the creation of a series of aligners that will be used during their treatment.

Each aligner should be worn by the patient for around two weeks before being replaced by the next in the series; each aligner will serve its own role in aligning the patient’s teeth.

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Gain great results

Invisalign Macleod represents a great treatment that is suitable for adults, as it can help patients to gain the great results that they desire.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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