How Invisalign Can Help With Restoring Your Smile

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In today’s post, we will be telling you a bit more about how invisalign can help patients who are embarrassed about their crooked teeth and are looking for a treatment that can help to restore their beautiful smile.

Invisalign London is now the top choice for many people who want to get a great smile. It is a means of straightening teeth, which comes with a wide range of benefits both during and after treatment. This guide explains what treatment with Invisalign involves and explores the advantages of clear aligners so that patients can make informed decisions.

How Can Invisalign Help With Restoring Your Smile?

how invisalign can helpWhat is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a brand of clear or invisible aligners. They take the form of transparent plastic trays that can slot seamlessly over the teeth to help gently alter their positions. These trays, also known as aligners, must be swapped every couple of weeks as the treatment progresses until full straightening has been achieved.

What Happens When The Patient Decides To Get Invisalign?

Any patient who wants to have their teeth straightened with Invisalign in London should first check whether they are a suitable candidate. Most people can get this treatment; however, there are some cases of misalignment that can be better treated by alternative forms of braces.

The teeth and gums should be in good condition, and if there are any issues with oral health, they should be resolved before getting clear aligners.

If the patient is given the go-ahead, the dentist will make a record of the patient’s teeth using either a mould or a special scan; this allows the dentist to create aligners that match the teeth. Once the aligners have been issued, it is simply a case of placing them over the teeth and wearing them for most of every day until the end of treatment.

4 Benefits of Getting Invisalign


The aligner’s invisible nature means that they can be very discreet during treatment. If the patient does not want anyone to know that they are having orthodontic treatment, that option is easily available with Invisalign. This means that going to college or work, socialising, and even meeting potential love interests can all be done without any speculation about the wearing of braces.

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Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are not permanent fixtures. This means that they are easily removable when required. Furthermore, those who play close contact sports such as rugby or those who play wind instruments do not have to stop doing the things they enjoy while they are having their teeth straightened. Such patients can take their aligners out when they need to and simply slot them back in after they have completed their match or music practice.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Patients being treated with clear aligners can feel confident during treatment due to the discretion of the aligners, and when treatment is completed, they can feel great about their new smiles. This new confidence can be transformative when it comes to making new friends, progressing at work and even finding a life partner.

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Improves Health

Straight teeth are much easier to keep clean. After the treatment has been completed, the patient can remove food debris and plaque with ease by brushing and flossing, and their risk of gum disease will reduce significantly. This benefits the patient’s general health since gum disease can otherwise cause other issues within the body.


We hope you have found our post about how invisalign can help to improve your smile insightful. As you can see, there are many benefits linked to getting invisalign and restoring your smile. Why wait? Book a consultation with a licensed dentistry practitioner today.


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