How Much is an Unattractive Smile Costing You?

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How much is an unattractive smile costing you? More and more people are beginning to realise that an unattractive smile can have far-reaching consequences for their lives – consequences that are not just limited to aesthetics. Yes, dental appearance is a weighty consideration but this is not all to appreciate about a straight bright smile.

unattractive smileHow Much is An Unattractive Smile Costing You?

Patients who opt for teeth-straightening treatments such as invisible braces Clapham find they reap the rewards of a plethora of desirable, and often, unexpected benefits of a healthy mouth.

These benefits impact almost every area of a person’s life from the way we bite and chew to supporting facial structure; prompting the Oral Health Foundation to declare a healthy mouth equates to a great personal asset.

In a research study leading up to National Smile Month, statistics show that 64 per cent of employees in the UK acknowledged that they avoided the dental chair.

It is a longstanding fact that skipping out on dental care or regular check-ups only has devastating consequences resulting from an unattractive smile.

The Costs of a Less-Than Pleasing Smile

Oral Health

The first cost of wearing an unattractive smile is the impact on oral health as the risk of dental diseases is greatly increased. It doesn’t matter if is due to overcrowding, gaps between teeth, or crooked teeth – all contribute to poor oral hygiene. If poor oral hygiene is not addressed, soon patients will have cavities destroying tooth enamel and eventually suffer from gum disease and tooth loss.

Masticatory Function

In addition to this unwanted event, there are difficulties experienced with masticatory function. Teeth need to be in their natural positions in order to effectively bite and chew with ease. Orthodontic issues can the movement of grinding food down painful, forcing the patient to avoid certain types of food (often these are the recommended fruit and vegetables).

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Speech Impediments

It is not only masticatory function that is impacted when teeth are not aligned correctly, there is the challenge of speech impediments. Clear speech is aided and abetted by teeth taking up their naturally-ordained positions in the dental arch. Open gaps and misaligned teeth contribute to certain sounds not being articulated clearly, which can be a cause of embarrassment for the speaker.

Increased Risk of Medical Issues

Failing to seek professional dental care to treat teeth and gum problems raises the risk of certain medical conditions or aggravates the consequences if these conditions are pre-existing. Chronic gum inflammation, for example, has been linked to a whole host of life-reducing illnesses and diseases, among which are strokes, cardiovascular disease, pneumonia and diabetes. It was found that bacteria present in plaque and tartar on teeth can cause further damage when spreading into the deeper recesses of the body through the bloodstream to where vital life organs are found.

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Mental Health

If the harmful effects on dental and physical health are not enough to contend with, there is an adverse impact on mental health too to consider. Not loving one’s smile corresponds with drops in confidence rendering one unable to embrace opportunities or seek out advantageous networking opportunities. Persons with low levels of confidence miss out on social and professional relationships that can make life so much more rewarding.


An unattractive smile can have an immense impact on both physical and mental health. Looking after one’s smile by taking proactive action to correct dental and orthodontic flaws are worthwhile efforts that can dramatically change the quality of life for the better.

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