Do You Know How To Treat Your Staff?

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Do You Know How To Treat Your Staff?

As an up and coming business owner, you’re going to need some staff on hand to keep everything operating smoothly.

After all, when you’ve got three places you need to be at once, you can’t turn into Wonder Woman and take it all on.

But when it comes pushing through the hiring process, and finding some perfect candidates, do you know how to treat them when you take them on board? You’ll be firm and fair of course, but do you know the specifics?

As an employer, you’ve got a lot of obligations and responsibilities to anyone who works under you.

Sure, you’re paying them to do anything you ask of them, but only as long as these tasks are outlined in their contract. So with that in mind, let’s examine the best ways to treat your workers as a small business.

What kind of boss are you?  Do you know what makes your employees tick? #HowtoTreatYourStaff #HowtoTreatYourEmployeesBe Flexible

If you want to be a good boss, you need to be understanding. Your company requires a lot of love and attention in its current state, sure, but the people you bring in to work for and with you aren’t machines. They need to know the person they’re working for understands their schedule and can be flexible about the hours they work.

As a boss, you can’t be demanding without giving anything back – you don’t want an employment attorney to bring up this fact in a tribunal situation either. So be sure you’re listening to the timetable a potential hire brings towards you, and even offer some remote working periods if you’ve got the availability for them.

Give Respect Freely

Respect is earned, of course, but in a professional setting, it has to be given up front. You want any new hire you bring in to know they’ve got a good job and a good boss waiting for them, and showing someone respect on their first day keeps them coming back for more. You want them to know you trust them and believe in them, and will listen to them when they have ideas and concerns about where the company is headed next. You’re a team for a reason, after all!

Get to Know Who You’re Hiring

The people who work for you don’t exist in a bubble, and you want to be sure you get to know those you’ve hired on, to make sure you understand their strengths and weaknesses and can reward them accordingly.

You can’t watch someone who works for you learn and thrive if you don’t know the training and opportunities they’re on the lookout for, and ignoring these qualities does not make a productive employee.

So be sure you’re sitting down with your employees from time to time and talking to them in a casual and informal manner. You can be as professional as need be in other moments but the boss shouldn’t be an unreachable person, sitting and waiting in the back of the office for someone to slip up.

Knowing how to treat your staff takes time and practice.

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How are you doing on these points? Are you a flexible, respectful, approachable boss?  Do you know what makes your employees tick?

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