12 Ways To Further Your Career In 2019

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12 Ways To Further Your Career In 2019

With the New Year well and truly underway, it’s time to start thinking about what you would like to achieve in 2019. Whether it’s losing weight, achieving a new fitness goal or furthering your career – the sooner you start making monthly goals to help you achieve your dreams, the better.

I’d love to be able to talk about every single goal you can make in 2019, however, one of the most significant ones you can make (and one that is close to my heart) is deciding to further your career.

With that in mind, here are 12 ways you can get higher up on the career ladder this year:

Want to get ahead in 2019? Here you go. #WaystoFurtherYourCareer #HowtoFurtherYourCareer1. Find Out What Your Career Paths Are In Your Current Job

If you’re already in employment and want to stay working for the same company, your best option is to speak to your line manager and scope out whether or not there is any progression. Although there may not be any immediate positions you are suitable for, you’ll be able to work out whether or not it is worth staying where you are or moving onto a new company.

2. Ask For More Responsibility

If there are no immediate positions available but you can see a future at your current company, you can try asking for more responsibility. They may not be able to offer you a pay rise, but there is a chance you may be able to start taking on more responsibility in your current role. From there, you can work your way up to the next step on the ladder.

3. Gain As Much Work Experience As Possible

If your current role isn’t giving you the work experience you need, perhaps finding it elsewhere is what you need in order to further your career. There are lots of different ways you can do this including part-time positions, shadowing someone in the industry you want to get into or accepting an internship for a well-known firm.

4. Apply For Jobs Above Your Current Position

If you’re looking to move to a new company, rather than applying for the position you’re currently in at different companies, try applying for positions that are one step up. Although you may not be 100% qualified for them, there is a chance someone may offer you the training and support you need to be able to work your way into the position with them. Often, companies like to mould their staff into the perfect employee, and this will give them the opportunity to do that.

5. Further Your Education With A Degree

If you’re looking to climb further up the career ladder but can’t see an immediate route, try finding out whether or not a degree will help increase your opportunities. Whether you’re looking to further your career in engineering, nursing or marketing – further education is a great place to start.

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6. Keep Up With The Industry

A great way to further your career is to show that you understand the industry and you’re keeping up with all of the current trends.

Set up an account on Feedly and start adding in blogs and websites that focus on the industry you’re in, the spend 10-20 minutes each morning reading key articles from the previous day. You’ll find that showing an interest and knowing what’s up and coming will get you further than most.

7. Build Your Own Portfolio Outside Of Work

If you find that you don’t have much room to grow in your current position, starting up your own freelance business on the side is a great way to gain more experience. Not only that, but you’ll be able to build up a portfolio of work you have done ready for any future interviews.

8. Find Out If Your Employer Will Support Any Courses To Increase Your Knowledge

Although not all businesses support it, some companies will be able to offer you the financial support you need in order to complete any relevant courses. Often these courses are too expensive to be able to fund on your own, so having a role that supports further education can be vital to progress. Be careful though, funding a course will tie you to that company for a number of years.

9. Consider Working For Yourself

If there is no immediate or obvious route for growth in your future, is there a way you can work for yourself? Whilst it’s not something everyone can do, becoming an entrepreneur is a great move to make.

10. Join Professional Organisations, Associations and Societies

If you’re in an industry where there are professional organisations, associations and societies then finding out whether or not you are eligible to join is vital. These organisations not only give you the information you need to progress in your career, but they also share relevant opportunities that may be of interest to you. In some cases, they’ll also offer courses that allow you to become accredited (and therefore much more valuable).

11. Sign Up To LinkedIn And Regularly Update Your Profile

LinkedIn is a social media network that allows you to connect with other professionals in your industry. It’s a space where people share job opportunities, advice and industry news – so definitely worth signing up to if you want to make some meaningful connections. If all else fails, it’s a great way to connect to the people you’re currently working with, without having to add them on your personal Facebook or Instagram.

For advice on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage, you can visit this handy guide here.

12. Network, Network, Network

Networking is absolutely vital when it comes to furthering your career, no matter what industry you’re in. Whether you attend local networking events, get to know people on LinkedIn or make sure your name is known by writing for notable publications and news outlets in the industry – everything you do will determine how far up the career ladder you climb.

Are you looking to further your career in 2019? What are your plans? Let me know in the comment section below.

Image Credit: Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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